Hold my hand, please?


A group of friends and I got together – they are all nurses. We were swapping trauma stories about some of the weirdest and grossest things that walked into our ER. Now, I don’t work ER anymore, I am now working in home hospice care – – but I have to say that the years in the ER were some of the most interesting years I’ve spent in the last 12 years of my career.

I told the story of the poor guy who walked into the ER at about 11am in the morning. He was 28 years old, tall, cute and very calm as he walked up to the desk. He had his arm wrapped in about 4-5 big, thick white towels that were drenched in blood. The towels were soaked and dripping. I remember he was very calm…he even smiled at me and said, “Can you help me?”

I yelled out for the aid to bring the cart over and while I was helping this guy onto it, he said again, “Can you help me?”. I replied, “Of course I can..we need to get you into the exam room over there so the doctor can see what’s going on underneath those towels.”

He said, “In the mean time, can you hold my hand please?”

Such a simple request, I smiled and said “Yes, I will hold your hand.”

With that reply – one aide and a nurse wheeled him away, but not before he gave me his hand – – packed in ice, sealed up in a Ziploc baggie.

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14 thoughts on “Hold my hand, please?”

  1. Good God, Geoffrey! That made ME wince – – I think you should definately blog it – – there are many out there in the blogosphere who care deeply about your package.

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  3. I’ve been telling this story to everyone I know since reading it, Lisa. It’s just so in-fucking-credible! LOL I hope you don’t charge me royalties.

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