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SXSW Craziness!

I’ve been spending the past 2 weeks preparing for my trip to the SXSW Interactive Festival in Austin, TX. This will be my third trip down to Austin for SXSW and I’m really looking forward to attending this year. Normally, there’s always a great deal to do before I take off for 5 days to attend the biggest geek gathering ever! I normally work long hours to make sure that all my client projects are either done, or well on their way to done and make sure everything I need on my home PC is set up for remote access, etc, etc. THIS year, however – it’s been a bit more crazy than usual because I’ve been working on developing five (5) premium WordPress themes that will be released at SXSW at the ServerBeach exhibit booth..

A little planned time out

We are making preparations to travel to Las Vegas next week to attend Blog World Expo. Looking forward to running into some old friends, and making new ones – – if you are planning on being there, please let me know! Would love to catch up with you and shake your hand, or share some words over coffee! Chris and I are looking forward to it. We’re staying at the MGM Grand – so hopefully I’ll be able to hang on to my hard earned money while I’m there (cha ching!). Chris and I fly outta here on Thursday, Sept […]

Myrtle Beach or Bust

Leaving on a jet plane….. at exactly 7:05 AM tomorrow morning, Chris and I are hopping a plane and scooting our collective asses outta Wisconsin for 5 days. To be very honest, this isn’t the best time for a vacation. I have gobs of client work to complete and I’m still in the final throes of book editing – but an opportunity came up that we just couldn’t turn down. A friend of ours had a week open on a condo rental on the beach in Myrtle Beach and offered it, fully knowing that I needed a sanity break, else […]

One Year…and Counting

I’m sitting in a hotel room in Hartford, CT at the moment – waiting for Chris to finish a meeting with his new potential client this morning. Let me rewind backwards for a minute… Yesterday was our 1 year anniversary – – can you BELIEVE it’s been a year already? Sometimes yes..sometimes no – – either way, it’s been a very good.. if not very interesting.. first year of marriage together. We were planning a weekend trip to Miami to get in a full weekend of SCUBA diving, however, a few weeks ago, those plans had to change due to […]

Getting to Know You

“Face Behind the Blogger” collection was started by Dave Airey because blogging is truly international, and the chances of meeting the people behind your favorite blogs are slim, a face to the name of someone you haven’t met helps recognition and adds a more personal feel to your conversations. Stevie (revenge) tagged me with it about a week ago – I figured it was time to pony up the goods over here. It took me a while to find some older pictures of myself – – ones that were not scanned, I simply laid out on the table and took […]

Happy, Happy

Today is my birthday! Let’s see.. the hubby is outta town on a business trip, the kids each hanging out with their respective friends and me? Working, of course. Although – all is not lost! I received a VERY nice b-day present from Chris that I’m really looking forward to! Next week, we’re headed down to Milwaukee so I can shop for and pick out my own, personal scuba gear. I’m excited about it, because now I won’t have to rent every time we go somewhere! Speaking of going somewhere – there is a second part to the gift that […]

24 Hours Off

That’s it! We are officially off work as of this minute. I’m sitting here with hot rollers in my hair, getting ready to head down to Milwaukee to see Christina Aguilera in concert – – I bought the tickets a few months back as a birthday present for Chris (even though his birthday isn’t until May). The opening act is the PussyCat Dolls – – now you see why it was HIS birthday present and not mine? Heh! We booked at room at the Hyatt and don’t plan on coming home until tomorrow afternoon. Yea – 24 hours is about […]

Coffee Break Time

So, I’m procrastinating having a quick coffee break. Believe it or not, I am STILL going through all the wedding pictures from last summer and assembling my wedding album. On June 24th, we will be married exactly a year – – and I’m STILL not done with the wedding album! Procrastinate much? So I’m going through these pictures.. and I find two ‘pre-wedding’ pictures of me, taken while getting my hair/makeup done and waiting for THE moment. I look at them now and wonder exactly what was going through my head at the time? I have to ask — am […]

Its been a really good week

I’m rounding the bend.. hurtling towards my second deadline, which is due March 1. It will be a solid few days of writing between now and then until I have to start working on my third deadline (March 31.) Someone here told me that this book thing was a GOOD idea — who was it?? *leering* I blame the callouses on my fingertips on you – I hope you feel guilty! Overall, its been a good week. My friend Leanne has had a BANNER week – and I know mine does not compare… but still a good one in the […]

Date Night

Chris and I are both slammed at work lately. And by slammed, I mean smashed to pieces. We’re both working 15-18 hour days, 7 days a week. And this too, shall pass – but for the moment it is what it is – – and unfortunately, both of us self-employed with our own businesses, we can’t really call in sick to take a break, ya know? As I said, it is what it is. Our usual 20 minute coffee breaks together 2-3 times in a day has been narrowed down to one 5 minute coffee break. Between work, the kids, […]

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