Relaxin’ tonight with some of this awesome stuff I bought at my local grocery, yesterday. It makes Appletinis and Cosmos extremly easy – – and VERY yummy! They have some great drink recipes that I may just have to try over the holidays, too! Hey – at least the colors are festive!

Nothing like a delicious Appletini to go along with work – – cuz where I work, I’m allowed to drink on the job! 🙂

Newly skinned by E.Webscapes today:

Patti – over at And Rightly So! decided she wanted the two column blog I designed for her a few months ago turned into a three column blog – she got that, as well as a sweetly, patriotic new skin, for which she provided all the images for.

And Rightly So   And Rightly So

Tam decided to go for a new look at his site, where he shares some excellent photography of his own. With an image downloaded from Istock – I got his new skin accomplished today!

Tam Doduc

Give ’em a visit and say HEY!

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