Hi ho! Hi ho! Off to work I go!


So much to catch up on now that I’m home from vacation-land. I had a blast – – it was TOO short and I wanna go back! lol

Thank you so much, S. for the travel updates in my blog while I was away *HUGS* You did a truly awesome job of it! I loved the travel hints lol No worries, I didn’t eat any yellow snow – just beer. 🙂

C. and I had so much fun. Skiing has now become my new sport. I’m totally hooked on it. As much as I fell – – as sore as my legs are and as bruised as I am – – I can’t wait to get back up on the slopes. And to think, all this time I grew up not 2 miles away from a downhill ski hill and I never, ever went. Pfft – no more. I’m even taking my kids this winter to teach them how to do it. My son wants to snowboard, though – he’s not really interested in skiing. That’s ok, too – – snowboarding is cool.

I’ll have skiing pictures up in here one of these days. C. took lots of pics of me flat on my ass in the snow lol This is me skiing = “Swoosh. Swoosh! SPLAT!” lol

The scenery was awesome on the slopes too. Lake Tahoe is beautiful country. We skied Kirkwood and Heavenly. I liked Heavenly better – – it had longer runs and you just can’t beat the scenery there – – gorgeous!

C. and I had an excellent time together, too, of course. I miss him most of all – – but I had my own little ‘heavenly’ at his side and in his arms. We talked a lot about his eventual move here in May (big grin!), snuggled a lot, laughed a lot and had a large amount of tremendously hot sex type activities. Who says that winter can’t be steaming hot?? 🙂

We went with two other couples – which was fun. It was different, tho – – not something I’d want to do all the time.

All in all it was a blast and a half and we’re already talking about next year’s skiing trip!

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