Head above water


Been awhile since I posted – and yes, I am still alive. The book is going really well and I’m up against my second hard deadline coming up on March 1st. On that date, the book will be officially 50% complete… so I”m getting there. This project is taking way more of my time than I initially thought it would, so that’s why you’re not seeing me here much of late.. but I do appreciate the emails asking if I’m still upright and breathing. I’m here to say that I am. 🙂

Some exciting news – I gave Chris an early birthday present a few days ago. His birthday isn’t until May, but because of his business travel schedule (he’s travelling more than he’s home these days) – we needed to plan this way in advance so he’d be home. I bought tickets to Christina Aguilera’s “Back to Basics” show – she happens to be one of his (and my) favorite female vocalists – – so he was pretty thrilled. I’m excited about it, too – I love her newest album! The concert is on April 20th which just happens to be the day after my final book deadline – so we’ll have much to celebrate that night! The opening act for Christina are the Pussycat Dolls – – whom I sorta like, but Chris is a big fan (for obvious reasons.) It’s bound to be a good show, overall.

I’ve also developed a new relationship with my treadmill over the past week. Yea – we kissed and made up and I promised not to neglect it so much, as long as it promised to stop causing me so much pain. We’ve come to a mutual agreement and are giving it another go. I’m not sure how it will go – – seeing as how the treadmill is my rebound relationship after the big blow up with my Bowflex – – but here’s hoping, hey? Heh.

Have a great week – and try and stay outta trouble!

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  1. Thanks Lindsey! I love her new album, too – and a big fan of her earlier album “Stripped” – I’m looking foward to the concert. This book has had me tied to the house since December and I think April will be my only break free! 😀

  2. Your treadmill, huh? (sigh) I see how easily I’m replaced. Not that you walked all over me, but, well there was a joke in there somewhere.

    Anyway, yeah, Christina is one of my favorites, too. And ever since you started writing, (sigh) I just miss you so much.

  3. Jeannette – I miss me too! :(( It’s *almost* over, though – – well, at least half over. It really has changed things around here, that is for sure. Between this book and the client work I have – its become a joke with my family about how I never leave the house since this whole book thing started.

    Chris left for his biz trip on Sunday. Monday evening I had to go pick my son up from work and my daughter says “Mom, do you remember how to drive?” lol Ok – that’s not funny, its kinda sad… temporary, tho.

  4. Awww. Well, on the bright side, it’s been nice and cold. Nothing like being a homebody when there’s snow outside. Oh, wait. You like to ski. Nevermind. That wasn’t funny, either. Hmm. I think I need to revisit the funny board.

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