He has a plan!


No, really – He really, really does

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20 thoughts on “He has a plan!”

  1. Justpassingthrough

    I wouldn’t want to follow a man with a plan. Give me someone who’ll spend more of my money and sacrifice the sons and daughters of my friends fighting against a fictitious threat or emotional concept any day of the week! A man with a plan? Not for me! I’m a patriotic, let’s-bring-more-religion-into-everything kinda person! I say that the golden age of fewer women’s rights and more subjgating of all them dark folk is coming back into our grasp and we need to take it with both hands! Any man with a plan to sort out health care is dangerous in my book! I want to live in a society where future Einsteins and Hawkings will be able to die at an early age like God intended because their parents were too stupid to educate themselves better to become managers at MacDonalds and pay to import their necessary drugs after having their engineering jobs outsourced to Asia! No people with plans for me! Any man who plans to tackle ecological concerns to ensure we can actually breathe in the future is no man for me. Let’s live in the now, for tomorrow we’ll all be up in Heaven (assuming those pesky commandments only apply to foreigners). I’m glad to see you’re the same way. You go girl!

  2. Hey – good luck on Nov. 2nd – even if you’re ill informed and seem to have a habit of stupidly making assumptions about people you don’t know!

    Have a good one!

  3. That was hilarious. LOL. Really, I wish next week were done already. The bummer about this election thing is that every four years it steals the thunder from my birthday (which is the 1st of Nov.). Stupid elections. Selfish me.

  4. Thanks for the link Lisa! Don’t you just love it when random people drop in on your site and leave rude/stupid comments? You always handle yourself very well though. 😎

  5. I actually told someone (maybe my wife) during the third debate that if someone took a drink every time Kerry said he had a plan that they’d be fu**ed up way before the debate was over… πŸ˜†

  6. Justpassingthrough

    “Hey – good luck on Nov. 2nd – even if youÒ€ℒre ill informed and seem to have a habit of stupidly making assumptions about people you donÒ€ℒt know!”

    Thanks for the wishes. We won’t need luck, of course, just honest counting and a lack of dishonest bullying tactics at polling stations from a party so obviously reading the writing on the wall will suffice.

    Anyway, you’re absolutely right: I don’t know GWB and his cronies and therefore I have made assumptions about them. I humby apologise. I assume that you must actually know GWB et al personally then to know for certain that I’m wrong. Unless … you’re stupidly making assumptions about people you don’t know … nah! Couldn’t be! That would be almost stereotypically hypocritical and would require a massive effort to avoid admitting having made a mistake. And although I’m sure you’re adept at it and have had plenty of practice at such I wouldn’t want you to go to all that trouble on your own site. Best of luck to you.

  7. Hey, I have a suggestion for you, justpassingthrough. Why don’t you actually grow a set and at least stand behind your lunatic off-topic statements by not hiding behind a lame pseudonym… loser.

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