Happy Valley by SugarRayDodge


I have a pal who has written a book. His name is Dave – and some of you know him as SugarRayDodge. Recently home from Iraq, by way of Germany – currently in Idaho on his way to the East Coast. This guy seriously gets around – and he’s got a great new vehicle to do it in. Anyways.. he mailed me a complimentary copy of his book Happy Valley as a Christmas present (thank you, Dave!). I now have reading material for our drive out to NYC on Thursday – W00T! I’m looking forward to it.. if you’ve ever taken a gander at any of Dave’s several sites/blogs he’s had online over the years, you’ll know that he has a great writing style. You can purchase your own copy of Happy Valley from LuLu. I’ll review his book when I’m all done. Thank you Dave – – have a safe trip and Merry Christmas! (PS – what are YOU still doing here?? support a soldier and all around great guy – buy a copy of Dave’s book, Happy Valley!)

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