Happy Saturday!


Can you believe how close Christmas is??? I can’t!

I shopped for my Secret Santa recipient today! What fun! It’s bought, wrapped and shipped – I hope it gets there by Christmas!

I have the kids taken care of for Christmas – but I have yet to shop for Chris. He’s such a hard man to shop for when it comes to Christmas or birthdays. I should have saved the Rion Vernon print that I bought earlier this year for one of his gifts – – but I just couldn’t wait to give that one to him. I’ll figure it out, though – the man has everything . . . so what do ya get? (I’ll bet Astro has some ideas!!)

Work is heavy this week – posting will probably be light. Maybe. I have a list longer than my daughter’s Christmas wish list of work to get done (trust me, her list is LONG) – so this weekend, I’ll be putting my nose down and getting some serious work done.

Easier said than done as we have house guests this weekend. Chris’s business partner, Dan, and his son Aaron are up here from Atlanta for the weekend because they have tickets to the Packers game on Sunday – they’re borrowing our truck to make the drive up to Lambeau Field to watch the Pack stomp all over the Lions. They’re originally from SoCal and actually think it’s cold up here!! Pfft! If they wanted the true Lambeau experience – they need to be going to a game in January! This weather is MILD! It’s no Ice Bowl, that’s for sure.

We’ve got all of our new furniture moved in and the old moved out. Chris is out right now, donating our old furniture to a local woman’s shelter – who were more than happy to recieve it. I’ve already spilled on the new sofa! Good thing those things are Scotch Guarded! We were all sitting around the living room last night – watching Hannibal (Dan had never seen it – and he’s a bit squeemish when it comes to horror flicks) – and I was drinking a Cosmo and dripped it on the arm of the sofa. I’m so graceful! Thankfully, the drip came up right away and ya can’t even tell!

Ok – coffee first . . then work. Reilly is the only person allowed to bother me. She needs to call me as soon as she’s done being stuck in traffic!! Hopefully you haven’t run out of gas, girl!

Later, gators!

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4 thoughts on “Happy Saturday!”

  1. Uhh…hmm – – not that I recall, Astro.

    Pokemon snow globe. Hmm.

    I did mention that Chris is my boyfriend – – and not my 15 year old son, didn’t I?


  2. Can I just propose the largest jar of Marmite available and a 4 pack of Hienz baked beans… Proper Sausages and Bacon would be nice but you might have to take a butcher’s family hostage to get ’em.

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