Happy Holidays


I’m posting my “Happy Holidays and Happy New Year” wish to you all a bit early because as of tomorrow, I’ll be outta here 🙂 We’re headed to New York to spend Christmas, then on the 26th we’ll be in Vermont enjoying a family vacation of skiing in the mountains and otherwise freezing our collective bums off!

Prior to leaving – I have a bit of a list of things to do:

– wrap Christmas presents
– finish baking the Christmas cookies
– launch a new design for a client of mine
– get the house ready for the adjuster coming by tomorrow (eek!)
– deal with the adjuster who is coming tomorrow
– pack for the trip (haven’t started yet!)
– last minute stocking stuffer shopping
– fix my dad’s computer (i’ve had it for a MONTH, he’s getting antsy!)
– head to my folks tomorrow afternoon/evening for some early holiday celebrations
– pack up the car (note: don’t forget the SKIS)

I’ll get it all done.. I swear! But there is one thing I can now cross off my list and that is to wish all of you a very, VERY Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! Please be happy. Please, please be safe! And I will see you in 2007 – Cheers!

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