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Happy New Year to you, Happy New Year to you, Happy New Year to youuuu, Happy New Year to you.

Isn’t this the time we are supposed to ponder over the past year and marvel at how much we’ve grown n’ stuff? Bah. I’m happy to simply state that this past year has been pretty damn wonderful. As a matter of fact, I’d have to say that this past year was one of the best I’ve had in a very long time. Not alot of chaos, no heartache and I’ve created an easier life for myself. All in all, I think it’s been pretty good. Of course, it wasn’t without it’s little speed bumps. Like too many speeding tickets, one unreturned carpet steamer that nearly landed me in the slammer, almost – but not quite – being accused of stealing narcotics from where I used to work (I didn’t do it, I hate drugs lol), my neurotic months at my old job that lead me to a better place where I’m currently at. I think those are most of the low points.

My high points are easy ones. My developing relationship with C. – actually experiencing a relationship that isn’t hurtful and laden with mistrust and betrayals. It’s been a hard process, but I’m pretty damn happy here . . . after a long time of being in denial as to just how happy I really am. Denial, you say? Oh yes – if you knew my past with relationships, you too would’ve agreed with me that I was somehow cursed in the love department. By the time I met him- I was convinced that I just wasn’t meant to be happy, ever. He changed that – thank you *k* Another high point is my career. I finally have some breathing room and have found myself in a position that I really like. It allows me all sorts of freedoms – most importantly having more time for my kids and their teenage angst. Whoopee. lol

So, overall – it’s been pretty good. If I compared this year to 2001 or 2000 – I have to be amazed at the difference just a year or two makes – – because things are drastically different. Better-different. So that’s cool.

I’m writing my blog this morning because C. has already told me that when I get home from work this evening, he is not going to allow me to touch my computer. The kids are going to my folks house until tomorrow morning and we have New Year’s Eve to ourselves.

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