Happy. Happy.



…and here you thought I didn’t care.

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18 thoughts on “Happy. Happy.”

  1. Happy VDay to you. I know its one of those commercialized holidays, but it does kinda make one feel special when they receive a special card from someone, or to know that you have been thought of. 😉

  2. True, Harley – that it does. I make light of VDay because, funnily enough – I have that ‘feel special’.. ‘being thought of’ feeling every day of the year. I don’t need one day a year for Hallmark to bring it home to me . . . much to the relief of the love of my life who isn’t required to remember to do special things on VDay. He does them all the time, the little bugger.

    Yea, we don’t do Sweetest Day either.

  3. I think what is great is how Valentine’s makes you stop and thing, when normally you might be so busy that you don’t show the love and affection or it just gets overlooked. This gives you a chance to truly express it.

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