Happy Father's Day!


To all those hard working Father’s out there today – – I’m hoping you had a fabulous day!

My father is currently in Iowa, at the moment. My mother bought him a hot air balloon ride and they should be finished sailing down the river.

Up, up and away……

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

I gave Chris a Father’s Day card today. He’s not a biological father to anyone – – however, in the three years that he and I have been together, most especially in the last year that he has lived here, he has been more a father to my two kids than their real father has been in the past 14 years. He’s been so fabulous to them – – and incredibly helpful to me in so many ways – I can’t even begin to count them. A Father’s Day card was the least I could to in order to let him know that I’m proud of him and am thankful for the gazillion ways he makes our lives complete and happy.

Enough mush for the day! Happy day all you fathers!

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5 thoughts on “Happy Father's Day!”

  1. Don’t mind at all, dee 🙂

    I run a web site/graphic design business on the web – as well as a web hosting business. We were introduced via mutual friends over the net because they thought I could help him design and develop the website for his business. We hooked up and started a professional relationship . . . then one day, about a year later – talked about meeting for dinner when he was travelling close to where I live, for businesss.

    We met for dinner – and the rest is history. We had a long distance relationship (he in California, me in Wisconsin) for about 2.5 years until he moved to live here in June 2003. 🙂

  2. Sweet! I rememeber a while back you mentioning something about him living in California when Right Voices was still Boycott Hollywood:idea:Well it sounds like he makes you very happy vice versa, thanks for sharing! Here’s wishing the best to you both.:grin:

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