Happy B-Day!


Go on over and wish my good friend, Chelle a very happy birthday! She’s celebrating her 29th birthday for the 4th year in a row – – but don’t tell her I said that.

After knowing her for what seems like forever, online (really – it’s about a year…but that’s only after we found out that our shadows crossed each other several times via the internet over the years) – – Chelle is opening her home and inviting Chris and I in for a home cooked meal Friday night when I’m in Atlanta!! I can’t wait to give her a great big birthday hug and the birthday spankin’s she deserves!

Have a great day, chica!

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2 thoughts on “Happy B-Day!”

  1. Well well I did not realize you could hit 29 more than once. So this is great news for me on the verge of the big 30.. I’m just going to skip it.. I’ll be 29 again.

    Thanks for this tip.. yehaw!

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