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McVities Digestive BiscuitsFinding one cookie in the bottom of a package that you thought was empty! A few weeks back, Chris traveled to England for business. He put one small suitcase inside another larger suitcase. On his trip home – he came back with his clothes in the small suitcase and absolutely filled the larger suitcase the the brim with biscuits and Marmite. Now, the Marmite I can totally do without – that stuff is just… IEW.

I have heard that in order to even like Marmite, you have to have grown up with the stuff. Originally from the UK, Chris did grow up with the stuff. Me? I’m not even sure how they can call it food – much less allow it within 100 feet of your mouth! I used to bartend when I was younger — and Marmite reminds me of the sludge in the bottom of the drink rails at the end of the night. I know this because one night, after we closed… some guy bet me 50 bucks that I wouldn’t pour the drink rail into a tumbler and drink it like a shot.

I won the bet – and I was never the same after that…. don’t judge me.. that was back in the days when I used to have to sing for my supper..literally!

The biscuits, however!! McVities loves me…I just KNOW it. Chris brought home all kinds: Milk Chocolate, Plain Chocolate (which is dark chocolate), Ginger Nuts (kind of like gingersnaps) and Hobnobs (which are oatmeal). I think we have a full years supply of biscuits. Of course, with him being out of town so much lately – I’m hoping there will be some left by the time he is actually home.

I’m a bit of a cookie monster, you know.

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  1. Hobnobs DO rule – no doubt. i can EASILY eat an entire package with just one cup of coffee *bloat* I just tell myself that oatmeal is heart healthy *nod*

  2. Wow, Barb – that sounds phenomenal! I’m going to have to find a place on the web that I can buy those and give it a shot!

    I can’t say that I’ve ever sucked my coffee through a cookie — but, oddly enough – the idea really appeals to me. ~o)~:>

  3. You’ve just gotta be fast or you’ll have a huge mess in your hands (or on your shirt). b-(

    I haven’t had any Tim Tams in years (my Australian supplier moved back to Australia ;)), so let me know if you find a good place on the ‘net to get them! I know they’ve come out with a few new flavors in the past couple of years.

  4. Astro – anyone we know who goes to England always must bring back Marmite and McVities.. or else they get shunned. lol

    I once had a client of mine ship Marmite and biscuits when she vacationed to the UK. Recently, my friend Tom visited the UK and he brough a bunch back. At our wedding – several attendees were from the UK and.. yep – you guessed it… we had HOARDS of the stuff.

    It’s required. lol

  5. Huh. You can buy McVities on Amazon through one of their partners. I think there’s a British shop or two in Minneapolis or St. Paul, so maybe there’s a chance of picking some up there.

  6. Marmite on buttered toast has been a basic snack here in the UK for over a century but some thirty years ago, an American visitor to our shores could not handle it by itself and insisted on adding peanut butter, creating an altogether over-the-top snack sensation. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

    Mr McVitie’s Plain Chocolate Digestive biscuits are the luxury that ruined my body!

  7. Astro – I know of places online that I can get McVities.. but, somehow, it’s more fun to get them straight from the UK from friends and family who travel there. It’s not quite the same to order them from Amazon.com lol

  8. Anthony – that is how Chris eats it. Marmite on a buttered bagel.. makes me gag every time he makes one. He’s happy, though – because it’s the one thing in the house that I won’t touch! lol

    I’m trying to imagine it mixed with peanut butter and am getting nauseous! 8-x

  9. Marmite on hut buttered toast is the best way to start your day.

    Well not strictly true but this is a family blog…

    Someone once suggested mixing it with peanut butter to me so I duly tried it. Won’t be making that mistake again in a hurry!:-&

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