Halfway There


My all night marathon is almost over. It’s 2:30 a.m. – – I’ve had my coffee and just made myself some popcorn and grabbed a diet coke. I’m really kinda feeling like crawling into bed and snuggling in with him and going to sleep. I know if I so much as go NEAR that bed, he’ll miss his flight in the morning.

We aren’t morning people . . . not in the least! It’s a good thing we both work from home – – because waking up to an alarm is always hit or miss around here. When the kids are in school, it’s much easier – because they wake us up when they get up . . . needing this or that or the other thing. Otherwise – neither one of us open our eyes to the morning sun until around 9am.

Good news today! I hit my official 40lbs since March of this year. I had gone off the diet for about a month and only gained 2lbs. Then 2 weeks ago – I hit it again . . hard and strict, and have lost the remaining. Only 10lbs to go until I reach my initial goal of 50lbs! It feels incredible 🙂

Oh, and if I have to watch that litter box commercial on tv again – I’m gonna hurl. You’ve seen it – – the wife and hubby are in their kitchen doing the ‘rock, paper, scissors’ thing to see who is doing the dishes and who is cleaning the litter box? She wins and gets to clean the litter box and starts dancing around the kitchen singing “I’m cleaning the litterbox! I’m cleaning the litterbox!” – – dont’ know why, but it drives me nuts.

Ok. One hour and a half to go.

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