Half A Soulmate


Some things just jump out of a page and grab you. Or an email. Or a website. Or a commercial.

Yea – – I’m a sap. Bet’cha didn’t know that, huh?

I received an email this evening from someone I haven’t heard from in a few months. She isn’t a close friend. . . more of an acquaintence, of sorts. Actually, she’s a client. She’s about my age. It was one of those long, rambling emails where it seems like forever before she actually gets to the point of the email. She spent about 8 paragraphs talking around what she wanted, and why – – and then finally got to her point.

That’s not my point, here, however. The first time I ever exchanged emails with her was in July of this year. I’ve probably exchanged a couple dozen emails with her ever since.

Her husband died last year, and she’s trying to cope and greive. One of the statements she made within the long rambles and verbose sentences:

“I have found that half a soulmate is a pretty hard thing to be”

The words caught in my throat as if I had said them, myself.

I stepped out of my office and gave Chris a kiss.

See? I’m sappy.

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11 thoughts on “Half A Soulmate”

  1. Oh my…that quote of hers made my heart just stop…I’ve got to make sure to give hubby lots of love when he gets home…thank you for giving me a wake-up call!

  2. Half a soulmate can still be a whole person. It is just that the room in this woman’s heart feels empty, when in truth her beloved still lives on connected to her in spirit forever. In interviewing couples whose soulmates had died for my latest book Divine Complement, I discovered that sometimes the grief and mourning period extends beyond the normal range. The bond that soulmates feel is profound, because of the spiritual connection and when one transitions the surviving partner may feel that a part of them has gone with them.

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