Grooooove, Baby


I gots me some groove. Thanks Jeanette, but I didn’t even need Barry White for this… but thanks for playin’ *k*

I was up at the crack of dawn this morning… 5am. And no, it’s not because I didn’t sleep and stayed up that late… this wasn’t one of my insomniac rages. I actually woke up because of a bad dream that I just cannot talk about – – it was just that disturbing to me. Uck.

Up at 5am. Showered by 5:20. Coffee by 5:30. Launched two blogs and got two creative mock ups out to two clients by 9. I’m SO not used to being up that early… AND being that productive that early. I’m not sure what got into me. Surely it wasn’t Barry White – – maybe it was the Emperor’s New Groove? I got that stuck into my head the other day – so I had to watch it. I love that movie.

grooveAnyways here’s a sneak peak at what I was stuck on the other day – – look quick, or you may miss it:

Yea, I know – it doesn’t look like much. But, I’m tellin’ ya – my brain was stuck on neutral – – like I just couldn’t break the seal. Am I making sense? Probably not.

On tap for the rest of the night: work, work and more work. But tomorrow…. mmmm tomorrow evening I have an unbreakable date with a mountain of snow. Ok – so this is Wisconsin – – it’s more like a big hilll of snow. At any rate – I’ll be skiing tomorrow. Come find me in the chalet – I’ll buy you a beer.

6 thoughts on “Grooooove, Baby”

  1. I’ve seriously given up on insomnia. I have tried everything – – at least what I think is everything, I’m sure there’s something out there I haven’t tried.

    I’ve tried drinking myself to sleep – – but that’s just a terrible habit to get into, isn’t it? 🙂

    Tylenol PM is crap – doesn’t work. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you to drink warm milk, they’re full of shit. Let’s see, what else have I tried…..

    Soft music? too distracting – I sing along.

    Soft Candle light? Nope – I obsess and worry too much that the house will catch fire.

    Warm bath? Doesn’t work for me – – I have this *thing* where I can’t fall asleep with wet hair.. and it takes forever for my hair to dry – – by the time it does, I’m fully awake. Showercaps are creepy, sorry. 🙂

    Sleepytime tea? *blech*

    Aromatherapy – doesn’t put me to sleep at all.

    Nature Sounds on a CD – they irriate me. Makes me want to get up and close the window.

    I’m hopeless. I just give into it.. sometimes I go a day or two until I completely crash. Thankfully this isn’t a constant thing for me – – I experience insomniac rages about once every three months or so.

    Sorry I couldn’t be more help @-)

  2. You’re right, Tylenol PM is crap. It only makes me woozy, not sleepy.

    Warm milk would give me the shits since I’m allergic. That is really not conducive to sleeping.

    Warm bath is good for regulating body temperature and I put my hair up so it doesn’t get wet. But it doesn’t put me to sleep.

    😆 at the nature sounds/closing the window. Still laughing. That’s funny. Yeah, “noise” of any kind makes me wanna bitch slap someone when I’m trying to sleep. Sometimes even when I’m awake.

    Benadryl sometimes helps me. Ambien puts me to sleep, usually, but sometimes that doesn’t even work if the husband is making strange noises on his side of the bed. Someone on my blog mentioned Lunesta. If this insomnia continues, I might just talk to my doctor about that one. (sigh)

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