Green and Ugly


“Whoever had qualities to alarm our jealousy, had excellence to deserve our fondness.” –Rambler.

One would be a liar if they stated they’ve never succumbed to the green-eyed monster of jealousy. I have, in my lifetime – and always tried to evaluate what it was that was spurring the emotion. It’s an emotion that I detest. What causes it?

Someone has something I don’t have? Someone possesses a trait I wish I had? Insecurity, I suppose, is it.

As I’ve gotten older – I have much better control over it, to the point where jealousy isn’t something I allow to creep into my life anymore, as much as I can. No one is perfect. I am what I am. I am who I am. If there is something I want – I work hard to get it. If there is a trait that I admire in someone – I’ll compliment them on it, and then concentrate on that trait and how I can work it into my own psyche and life, in ways that are individual to me.

I’ve seen how jealousy works in people and it can get pretty down right ugly. The face of jealousy is a very ugly thing, sometimes, if the people who are experiencing it don’t use the emotion to drive and motivate them, rather than bring themselves down with it.

I think feelings of jealousy need to be examined. Why are they there? What is causing it? What is it that is lacking in my life that makes me feel this way? What can I do to change things in my life so I don’t have the ugly cloud of jealousy clouding my reaction to the circumstances of life? Jealousy can be a positive driving force if only people would examine it within themselves, rather than reacting to it with knee-jerk precision.

Just some random thoughts for the day. Have an emotion that you really dislike? Share.

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2 thoughts on “Green and Ugly”

  1. Oh, I know that green-eyed monster all too well (lately)…and though I can’t go into details as to why I’m feeling that terrible, terrible emotion, it’s a son-of-a-b!tc# to control at times.
    I would love to learn the slaying secret that kills the beast slowly by first using it as a driving force (like you stated).

    And…hi…I’m Amanda…and I hope this comment thing works for me (not sure if you have to be a member of your current hosting site or not)…and I love your style of writing and, if you don’t mind, I’ve added you as a link in my web journal.


  2. It is hard to control, Amanda – I agree. Especially once it’s gone out of control. I guess the best way to deal with it is turn it around on yourself. Instead of feeling bad about something someone else has, does, says, etc – – take a look at yourself and honestly examine why you feel that way and what you can do in your life to obtain whatever it is that you feel is lacking.

    I know, I know – easier said than done, right? 🙂 Good luck with your situation, though – it can be tough.

    Thanks for the link, too – heading over to take a looksee at your place now 🙂

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