Goodbye Purple


Change is good. I’m getting tired looking at my purple template I currently have up here. Anyone who has been around my blog long enough knows that I almost always revert back to shades of blue. Purple has been nice. It kept me calm throughout my wedding jitters. It’s been a good color for the past few months. But, as always, I miss my blue.

I’m about to re-arrange things around here and I’m not sure how it will go. I’ve tested and re-tested this redesign of mine, but it does require some big changes in the back-end code and some structure changes..blah blah..yada yada….zzzZZZzzzz….

I tried hard to keep valid code and web standards in mind when redesigning this site. And it is valid – all except for the CSS. See, in this new design, I use the ‘opacity’ selector in one section of this site – Opacity won’t validate since it’s a CSS3 property (which there is no validator for yet). However, because I like the opacity where it is – I’m using it, even if it’s non-standard. Gasp! Choke! Did she REALLY say that?

You betcha….sometimes the wrong way works right. So sue me.

So, here it goes. If you’re watching…don’t laugh.

If this site falls completely apart…send drugs.

Update: The redesign went well. A few minor glitches here and there (and an electrical storm that took my internet connection away right smack in the middle of it – ain’t that always the way?) that were fixed up quickly and alls well and good in the land of me. I can now officially go back to ignoring this blog again. Heh.

13 thoughts on “Goodbye Purple”

  1. Well, look what happened! You got your blog all redesigned and the Michele Agnew gods said yours must be visited! 🙂
    Great job! Wish it was something that made the least bit of sense to me…*sigh* (coding that is)
    Have a beautiful day!

  2. Yes, Astro – and where exactly have you been? Causing trouble.. I’m sure 😉

    And thanks – I like this one.. might keep it around awhile 😀

  3. I’ve been busy. Plenty of work, a little play, take the wife out for the anniversary, explore the wonders of a new bottle of vodka… See! Busy! :d

  4. I can totally relate to the vodka bottle keeping you occupied – – i have the same issue with a bottle of scotch over here 🙂

    Happy anniversary to you and Mrs. Astro, btw! How many decades is it now? :o)

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