Good Morning!


Ok, I know – it’s already the afternoon. But, I had a good morning, did you?

It’s my birthday today – – and thanks to everyone who stopped by in my previous thread and left birthday comments. You guys are just too sweet – – yes, Tim . . even you. I’m really 37 today – – not 28. Aging doesn’t bug me in the least. Of course last year I said I was 21 – – guess that makes me a dog, since I’ve aged 7 years in 12 months! (go ahead, astro – – take yer best shot!)

XM MyFi That adorable man of mine surprised me with one of these. I’m super thrilled about it, too. I didn’t even know that I wanted one! But I’m always and forever driving his truck, instead of my car, because his truck has XM Radio in it. And everytime I ask him for his truck keys – he says, “Are you ever going to drive your car again? You haven’t driven it in 2 months??” and I say, “Yea, but your truck has XM in it – – my car has just a plain old FM Radio.” (whine, whine, whine). So – he got me the XM MyFi . . so I can take the satellite radio with me wherever I go . . including my car and play it through my radio. Hmmm . . . now I have to come up with a different excuse to drive his truck, as opposed to my car…..thinking……

My son presented me with a gorgeous vase filled with silk Orchids. I adore Orchids . . love them, actually. One year, about 2-3 years ago – I decided that I would grow Orchids here at home. I bought a gazillion potted Orchids in various colors, shapes and sizes. They were gorgeous! A month later, they were all dead. So I bought more and tried again. A month later, they were all dead.

Ben would forever tease me after that about being an Orchid killer. So, now I have fake ones . . . if I kill those, I’m a lost cause for sure.

From Missy, I recieved a chicken dressed up like a chef.

There is a story behind this. We call it the “Chicken Fried Chicken” story. It’s kinda goofy – – in a “ya-had-to-be-there” sort of way. See, one night when Chris was travelling on business, I didn’t feel like cooking. So the kids suggested we order takeout from AppleBee’s. MissyMelissa loves their Chicken Fried Chicken.

Applebee’s now has car-side service – – if you place your order, you pull up in a designated spot in their parking lot and they deliver it out to you.

This particular evening, it took them a very long time to deliver the order out to the car. So we had to entertain ourselves while we waited.

So I say: “Why do they call it ‘Chicken Fried Chicken’, anyways?”

She says: “I dunno, Mom – it’s just a name”

I say: “Doesn’t the name imply that the chicken was fried….. by a chicken? I mean they don’t call it “Chef Fried Chicken” . . and if it was fried in an oven . . it would be called “Oven Fried Chicken”. But no, instead they call it “Chicken Fried Chicken” – which makes me think that a chicken fried it.”

She says: “You’re weird, Mom”

I say: “Well? Makes sense, doesn’t it? I think Applebee’s has a Chicken in the kitchen FRYING OTHER CHICKENS!! What a scandal!”

She says: “You’re a dork, seriously.”

This conversation went on and on – -back and forth, her calling me every possible variation of ‘weird’ that she could think of – – and me insisting that Applebee’s has chickens in their kitchen frying other chickens.

This is how she introduces me to her friends : “This is my Mom. She thinks Applebee’s has chickens in their kitchen who fry other chickens. Really.”

So now, I have a chicken statue. He’s dressed up like a chef . . with a little chef’s hat and apron. That’s the best birthday present, by far.

As for other news, aside from the importance of my birthday – – I dumped all of E.Webscapes and rebuilt it from scratch using WordPress 1.5. It loads much quicker now and gives me a place to blog about designs, web development and related issues. That blog has one, tiny little entry so far and I haven’t developed the whole of that blog – but it will evolve as time goes on. Just re-building that site was a chore and a half, I’m tellin’ ya! Why I decided to do it is beyond me . . but it’s done now, thankfully.

That’s it for my day. How will I spend the rest of my birthday? Working, of course!

11 thoughts on “Good Morning!”

  1. Happy Birthday!! I am totally laughing about the chicken fried chicken story. I would argue like that, too. LOL…poor chickens. Enjoy your cool new toy, too!

  2. I’ve never understood Chicken fried Chicken either, I mean it would even make some sense if it was chicken wraped in Chicken, but its not. We have hundreds of chickens in our kirtchen, that’s what happens if you mention you like chickens at a family event and you are hard to buy Christmas presents for… now I think of it not a single one has even offered to fry one of its buddies

  3. Happy Birthday, Lisa! Sounds like you’re treated pretty well on your birthday. I have a florist friend who insists that orchids are the easiest thing in the world to grow. According to her, you just leave them in the closet, try to abuse them, and they thrive! 🙂

    I don’t know why you’d expect me to pick up on that comment! I mean, you can’t lick yourself… can you??? :twisted::razz::mrgreen:

  4. Forgot to say before, I think one of the best things about your gifts is the thought that Melissa and Ben put into your gifts rather than just going with the gift certificate cop-out that so many kids seem to do nowdays. That’s definitely the sign of a well-raised kid. 🙂

  5. Oooh! The new E.Webscapes site is looking gooooood! 😀

    Happy birthday!

    Re: the chicken fried steak/chicken…for the longest time, I didn’t even know that ckicken fried steak wasn’t chicken, but beef! But I never really had any until I move to Texas either, so that’s my excuse! 😉

  6. So sorry I missed your birthday. Jeez, a girl just can’t go anywhere these days without missing something. 🙂

    Happy Birthday, dearie.


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