Good Grief


Would you believe this?

I’m in my office. I closed my office door.

The door knob fell off. Seriously.

I can’t get the damn door open.

With me so far?

My cell phone is in the other room. The office line?

Battery is dead.

The family? All upstairs.

I’ve tried everything to get that damn door unlatched. Broke a fingernail doing it, too.

No one can hear me yelling for them down here because they are all up in the kitchen deeply engaged in whatever conversation they are having up there while I’m trapped!

Trapped, I say!

I can’t make this stuff up!

UPDATE at Midnite
I’m no longer trapped. Chris finally came downstairs and I heard a voice through the door knob hole… “Baby.. are you locked in??” *hysterical laughter*

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13 thoughts on “Good Grief”

  1. I’m sorry, but… a-HAhahahahahaha!

    You should have text messaged your husband… I don’t know who your cell carrier is, but most companies have a way to text someone from a browser, don’t they? Ah, problems are always easier to solve in hindsight.

    But still. That’s funny.

  2. You did say husband!! I still have *almost* three months to go as a single chick! :p

    I totally thought of a hundred things I coulda done in hindsight.

    I could have sent a text message.. assuming he had his phone on him. I did msg him via yahoo… but he wasn’t at his desk.

    I could have sent a message to a friend on Yahoo – -given them the house phone number and had them call…

    “Yea, hi – – you don’t know me? But I chat with Lisa via Yahoo.. anyways… see, she’s locked in her office and gave me this number to tell you to GO DOWNSTAIRS ASSHOLE!”


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  4. Good grief indeed, Charlie Brown! Was he being snoopy through the hole in the door? Did you stuff Linus’s blankie in the hole, or whip him with it like Lucy would have?

    Man. The goings on at your house – I am so not moving in.

  5. Of course you blogged about it, while it was happening. I would expect no less. There’s always a chance they might have clicked on and read your blog to find out why you’d been gone so long.

    A picture would have been nice, though. *grunt*

    P.S. I heard that Astro.

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