Go, Go, Gadget Girl!


I picked up a new cell phone today – to replace the one that got broken.

The one that I had is a model they don’t make anymore – – so they upgraded me to the next model. It’s pretty nifty, I have to say. It’s the LG VX6000 and I’ve been playing around with it all afternoon to figure out all it’s bells and whistles.

Aside from being a camera phone (with which I will have endless fun with!) – it allows me to download my email from any POP account I have – – or even my hotmail, if I wanted to – – but I don’t. I rarely if ever use my hotmail account.

It also has these little web applications that I can install to make my life easier – – like MapQuest. Which I did install today and it’s pretty slick…enter in a starting address and a destination – and I get automatic driving directions. What a great tool to have in my car, considering my line of work.

I haven’t figured out all the little features of the phone – – but so far, I’m pleased as punch with it. 🙂

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