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A while back, I posted concerns I had regarding GMail, Google’s web mail service. I never did get an account, deciding that I already have enough space and bandwidth in my own domain mail, there was absolutely no need to obtain one – – so I never jumped on the GMail bandwagon. Back then, I had privacy concerns that revolved around targeted email marketing/spam – – Googlebots spidering through my email messages looking for keywords that would enable advertisers to target their products to me, based on what keywords they found in my incoming and outgoing mail.

Seems there are other privacy concerns now:

The software is a windows based application that requires no technical knowledge to use. The only information you need to be able to crack a users account is their username (the first part of their address).

The developers AusPhreak, an Australian based hacking group, have developed the software to be simple to use, enabling anyone, not simply ardent hackers to follow a three step process to cracking/hacking into a users account.

Andrew Bonar who discovered the software and informed Google of its existence earlier today stated “I bought it because I was worried as a Gmail user myself. What is interesting is Gmail doesnt warn you when say 100+ unsuccesful login attempts have been made against your account”

Hopefully for all those GMail users out there, Google tightens up their security a few notches.

Link via: StageLeft

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  1. Hmmm. Not even concerned. I run my own email at home, and that I keep under lock and key. The GMail account is mostly for my blog’s comments and a place to toss spam if I so feel like it.

    But like Easycure said, New Tech = Be Cautious.

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