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“Face Behind the Blogger” collection was started by Dave Airey because blogging is truly international, and the chances of meeting the people behind your favorite blogs are slim, a face to the name of someone you haven’t met helps recognition and adds a more personal feel to your conversations. Stevie (revenge) tagged me with it about a week ago – I figured it was time to pony up the goods over here. It took me a while to find some older pictures of myself – – ones that were not scanned, I simply laid out on the table and took a picture of the picture (so I apologize for the quality of some of these photos!).

And you thought I didn’t spend any time away from my computer. Pfft! The pictures are chronological:

Most mothers aren’t thrilled to show photos of how they looked immediately after the birth of their child. I don’t remember, I think this may be a day after, not immediately after. Here are two pictures of me with my newborn son (who will be 18 in September) – this was 1989 –

Mom and Ben

Lisa and baby

I graduated nursing school in 1994 – here are few shots from the graduation ceremony – man was my hair short, and curly!

Graduation Nursing School 1994, Fond du Lac Wisconsin
From right to left: My friends Deb, Val, Jennifer and then me.

Graduation Day

To celebrate graduation – my boyfriend (at the time – his name was Joe) – took me to Florida. Here’s the gratuitous beach shot:

On the beach

If you ever hear me complain of chronic back pain, I swear this is the weekend that did it. It’s 1995 and here, I’m up at my friend Deb’s cabin (northern Wisconsin) where her teenage boys introduced me to the joys of riding an ATV (all terrain vehicle). In no time at all they had me taking jumps and I was getting some serious air on those machines! The first time I did it – they didn’t tell me to lift my ass up off the seat when landing – – which, I didn’t and the landing jarred my back pretty damn good. I couldn’t move for a few days and I blame all my back problems on this day:

Riding an ATV

On the same ATV machine – behind a tree. And yes, I really did hit it and Deb though it was picture perfect:

I hit a tree with the ATV machine!

We spent the end of the day relaxing by tubing in the river:

river tubing

Those are all the past shots I could dig up for this little project of Dave’s. Here are a few more recent ones:

Image of me fishing on Cedar Lake in West Bend, Wisconsin – 2003
Fishing on Cedar Lake West Bend Wisconsin

I LOVE to downhill ski. Here’s a picture from our trip to Lake Tahoe in 2002
Skiing Heavenly - Lake Tahoe, NV

Chris and I on a cruise somewhere in the Carribean. This is the trip he proposed!
Lisa and Chris Wilson

Joelle of Moxie and I in Austin at the SXSW Interactive – 2006
Lisa Sabin, Joelle Reeder, SXSW Interactive 2006, Austin Texas, Moxie, E.Webscapes

My favorite topic – one of our wedding pictures from June 2006
Wedding Pictures

Image of me under the sea, scuba diving in Bonaire – 2006Scuba diving in Bonaire

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89 thoughts on “Getting to Know You”

  1. Lisa – It is great to meet the face behind the blog! You look like someone who is a lot of fun to be around and is not afraid to take risks.

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  3. Thanks for doing this Lisa, and for doing it so well!
    Now if only I could remember the name of the actress you remind me so much of in your graduation pictures, I wanna say Ally Sheedy but I think that may be wrong. 😕

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  5. You look so glowing on the photo with your newborn son. Very nice collection of photos you’ve posted here, Lisa. They show different sides of you as a person. They tell me that you’re a loving mother and wife and an adventurous person who’s fun to be with 🙂

  6. Great pics, Lisa! Love the first couple after having Ben. The ones I have of Mrs. Knight after she had the Mite are still some of my favorites of her.

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  8. I am flattered you’ve tagged me…

    After pondering the idea over the weekend, I am regret I cannot participate. In spite of Mr. Airey’s assertion, I have come close to meeting a few of my readers (i.e. I was invited to a bar-b-que). While others may leap at that prospect of meeting face-to-face with other bloggers, I have some specific reasons not to reveal the identity beneath the pseudonym.

    No, there are no delusions of superhero grandeur here. Just privacy concerns, and, well, truth be told: I am one ugly guy.

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  12. Way to go girl! I scuba dived for the first time in Hawaii and what a blast, saw a about 40 different varieties of fish and a Green Sea Turtle bumped into me while I was watching a Hawaiian Lion Fish.

    Very memorable. Congrats on finishing your book! I look forward to buying and reviewing a copy.

  13. Thanks for stopping by, Dennis. Guess ya had to be there to understand the podcast pickle. :-b Needless to say, though, the pickle was a HIT!

  14. Hey Lisa..great to ‘meet’ you. I read your blog regularly – though I guess I’ve been more the lurker type. Which is odd since I’m a huge conversationalist around the blogosphere. Maybe I’m just shy sometimes.

  15. Hey Dawud – thanks for stopping by.. and I love delurkers! 😡 I’ve dropped by your blog, as well… let’s resolve to talk more, shall we? 🙂

  16. Hi Genesis – thanks for stopping by. I agree with you on the fascination of getting to know these bloggers through their photos and the stories they share along with them.


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