Geepers, Creepers!


I got peepers! I should say that I got my peepers replaced after having lost them for the last 4 months. With all the computer work I do – – you’d think I would have replaced them sooner. However, I had a very nice pair with Ann Klein frames and I think I was in denial, thinking I’d eventually find them! I put the pic of my peepers in my sidebar – – which replaced my summer-time pic with a warm winter-time pic .. cuz, ya know, it’s gonna snow soon!!! (you can see a larger version here – if you’re so inclined.)

I had a very disturbing dream last night. I dreamt that my sister died. I don’t know how she died — but my parents and I were standing outside of a church, getting ready to go to service. Which is odd, because I don’t attend church at all — not since I was a kid anyways. My mom and dad were standing outside the church when they wheeled my sister inside on a gurney. She wasn’t covered up, or anything — she was just laying on a gurney, unclothed. Then her husband walked up, apparently unknowing that she was dead. He seemed like he was just joining us for regular Sunday services, like any other day. Then he walked inside the church and saw her laying on the gurney, unclothed – and kept trying to wake her up while my folks and I waited outside trying to decide who was going to tell him that she was dead. I woke up when he walked outside to us – looking for an explaination.

So I told my mom about the dream. She told me that my sister and her husband were on their way to Mexico to visit his relatives. Gee – I hope they have a safe trip!!

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19 thoughts on “Geepers, Creepers!”

  1. LOVE the new peepers! I’m one of those who pretends I don’t need them (wear contacts 99% of the time), and then when i do, hope the mutters have not eaten em… (and then no one at work recognizes me when I wear them…) Great glasses. Hope I look half as good in mine!

  2. Wow that was a screwed up dream, I consider myself very fortunate tht I never remember my dream, if I even have them. My wife often has wierd dreams like that and she actually gets pissed at me for things I’ve “done” in her dreams:shock:

  3. I actually heard a few times that when you dream that someone dies it actually means that someone you know will be getting married. And when you dream about someone getting married someone is going to die. And in both instances it is not about the person in the dream. Makes me wonder since a church was in your dream.

  4. Good luck with those dreams… I get pretty bizaar dreams, I always think they’d make a great screenplay for some sci-fi drama thing… Hmmm (clickty click click.. pause… nah, they are REALLY wierd) I had one like sorta like that once about my younger brother, except I was racing to save his life, which became like something from “the amazing race” really really strange. It was years ago, and he’s fine, but for some reason I still remember it vividly.

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