August 26, 2003 * 0 Comments

I decided this site needed a little bit of color, after long last. Finally got my computer system up and running. Man, I must’ve done quite a number on the machine. At first, it wouldn’t reboot at all. We determined that it was the motherboard. So – I bought a new Gigabyte KT400 motherboard and installed it. It worked! Turned the machine on – – fans started running, hard drives started spinng – everything seemed to be on it’s way. Until….I began the Windows 2000 install. It got about 13% of the way through the install and started giving me […]

I want my 'puter back

August 22, 2003 * 2 Comments

Bah. On to other things – – my computer is still crashed. Not sure what the hell is wrong with it. We installed my new motherboard and had to reformat and reinstall Windows because the hardware controllers were different. No biggie. Except now I have a formatted harddrive that is healthy – – and it won’t take the installation for whatever reason. I hate hardware shit. Off to the store tomorrow to buy a new harddrive and see if that helps any. Oh – yea…I backed up. lol – – I’ve made that mistake one time too many. I’m still […]


August 18, 2003 * 2 Comments

Time to change the look of the site, I think. I’ve been working on new templates over at EW – and I’m beginning to finally get the hang of the whole CSS concept. Time to apply it here and stop using someone else’s template when I’m perfectly able to create my own. Talk about lazy! Actually, it was a thought I had early last week – – right before my processor took a shit on me. Well…not literally, but ya know what I mean. My processor fried and my PC has been nothing more than a paperweight ever since. #102 […]

Happily Computerized

December 27, 2002 * 0 Comments

I’m computerized again. The new motherboard came in this morning and C. spent the day working on my system getting it up and running again – along with my new sound system which is just incredibly kick ass! (big smooches for you, gorgeous man!!) I guess the new motherboard is quite a bit better than the other – – very expandable and a faster processor with some other bells and whistles that I don’t quite understand, but C. does – and if he says it’s good, then it’s damn good. He even cleared up the clutter underneath my desk – […]

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