Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Work


So, I’m sitting here working all day long. Just working my fingers to the bone, ya know? Getting lots and lots accomplished – just truckin’ right along. Then, I break for coffee.


I come back into my office and sit down. I set my coffee cup on my desk.. and it tips. Now, having ruined MANY a keyboard over the years to full cups of coffee – I immediately panic. Unlike usual, I don’t have spare keyboard in the house. Normally, I do – because I’m a klutz and have all the grace of an elephant, ya know?

But this time! The coffee tipping gods were kind, as only a few drops fell onto the keyboard and I immediately whisked them away, breathing a sigh of relief!

About 10 minutes later – I realize I’m not so lucky. The coffee did, in fact, affect one key. Only one! I can live with one, right?

Except it affected the Z key. And the name of the site I’m currently working on is called “The Hot Zone Online” – – I NEED the Z, man! I need the Z, like I’ve never needed the Z before in my life! I couldn’t believe it. The ONE key that I really, really needed was toast.

I go whining into Chris’s office about it (because at this point, I’ve put in a full 15 hours straight, with more hours ahead of me and I’m almost irrational.) He says “No problem, baby – I’ll send you a Z via YahooIM and you can cut and paste it.”

Such common sense. And I didn’t think of this… why?
(cuz i’m a blonde.. yea, yea, yea)

I also found out that if I hold down the ALT key and hit 90 – it gives me a Z. Which is what I’ve been having to do in order to type this very post. Funny thing? The small case z works fine – I just can’t capitalize it without ALT90.

Sounds like a case of ‘the dog ate my homework’, hey? Sad, but true.

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  1. Wench – thanks! I feel better now about not thinking of the cutting and pasting thing. You’ve given me JUST the excuse that I needed :p

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