Full Moon Madness. Seriously.


Did you know this past weekend was a full moon? Do you subscribe to the theory that things just get completely whacked during the full moon phase? I sure do.

I have the full-on migraine to prove it. A headache that no amount of coffee can cure. Now ya know that’s just serious.

The past 3 and a half days have been real doozies. I’d tell ya all about it – except you wouldn’t believe me. Seriously.

Desperately seeking sanity.

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  1. Yes I’m very much affected by the full moon. I don’t know if it is because I’m bipolar or what. But this full moon was very much a doozy. My daughter’s birthday was on the 14th and it was also the 1 month anniversary of my mom’s death. So a lot of highs and lows and everything in between.


    2. i suffer from full moon madness. i cannot control my mood swings. my heart races faster and i am totally irrationally. glad i am not alone but it drives me crazy!!

  2. How amazing. I have had migraines forever, and have long thought they were related to the full moon. When I mentioned it to my doctor, he said that’s impossible. No amount of medication has taken my headache away, since last Thursday. This evening is the first time I ever thought of putting “migraines” and “full moon” in a search. I’ve been afraid to sleep thinking that was the cause. Thanks for your affirmation. Maybe I’m not crazy!

  3. i full agree that moon brings on pressure on the earth that causes migranes. i have had them since i was 11years and i have tried all medicines possible nothing has work. 2 years ago my doc told me track down what i eat every day to see if that had any effect. i found that spices food, cheese, high sodium products & chocolate would trigger my headache. when i took those items off my diet i still would have really bad headaches i notice on every full moon i could never go to sleep till 5 or 6 am when it was sunrise. from their on i kept track when would me migraine attack would come and i saw the pattern with the moon’s cycle. i my headache would start around the first quarter with just little pain and it was worst at the full moon and would fade away at the last qaurter.

  4. Hi

    I also have v intense headaches around the full moon. I have been suffering for the past 5 days and now it has moved into the new quarter, my headache has mysteriously disappeared. There is definitely something in it.

    Glad to hear it’s not just me!

    Nottingham, UK

  5. I visited the orthopedist and he told me it was stress, the family doctor told me it was the food, the ear nose and throat doctor told me it was sinus, the neurologist charged me $1000 for an MRI and told me nothing, the dentist extracted three molars and I still have a headache for at least 5 days every month, six months ago I realized it was the full moon. I told my girlfriend about it and she is still laughing at me.

    What is the solution for these full-moon-headaches? A voodoo priest? Santeria? An aluminum foil hat during full moon? Please tell me!!!!!!

    Pedro Arteaga
    San Salvador, El Salvador

    P.S. We should found the Werewolf-headache club.

  6. Very interesting to run across this. I’ve had occasional migraines for years. Finally, I decided to do a journal to figure out what was triggering them. I kept track of food, sleep, etc on the calendar. After a few months I noticed the coincidence with the full moon symbol!!! Any doctor I mentioned it to just gave me an odd look. But yesterday I had a killer headache and sure enough — look at the sky!

  7. I am another migraine sufferer experiencing full moon insomnia…it’s 2:21 a.m. I had not put the two together until I googled full moon sleeplessness and a bunch of migraine info came up. I had a migraine last night and can’t sleep tonight! Has anyone come up with any ideas to counteract the effects?

  8. Let me tell you about my husband..he doesnt suffer migrains but a personality change from a week before the full moon up untill the full moon ..then he is ok again. We have been married for nearly 30 years so I no what Ime talking about. I mark it on the calender. Normally he is a quiet, lovely man, but afew days before the full moon..which is right now in the UK, he becomes argumentative, angry, iritable,everything apart from sprout hairs, he will not leave the house for love nor money. He just totaly loses the plot. I put it down to the moons pull on the earth..it affects the tides so why not some people..after all we are made up of 90% water..so I believe. Is there anyone else out there like my hubby.

    1. Amen–You got it correct, 100%! YES, the moon controls to tides, which are salt water and most of our bodies are made of water. So, why not have some sort of reaction during the cycling of the full moon? I have noticed myself in the past 4-5 years, that during the waxing and wane of the full moon, I get anxiety, panic attacks, chest pains, CANNOT SLEEP, my left are tingles (like the onset of a panic attack), I get completely mental! Then, after the waxing of the full moon, I go back to “normal”. yes, I have MD-NOS (bi polar–just diagnosed after 38 years, hurrah); panic attacks; agoraphobia; depression; anxiety; social anxiety; and a whole slew of others.. But, I have also found that I sleep VERY well the night of the full moon..sometimes. it’s almost like (sorry–I cannot use a certain comparison) I get SO wired out, that I shut down and relax.
      I am very happy to know that I am not the only one. Wheat I am searching for is the medical proof as to why this all happens during the cycling of the full moon. And true, most irresponsible Medical Doctors will scoff at the notion.
      Thanks again people. Good luck!

    2. Victoria Greenwood

      Yes, I have the same problem. Horrible mood changes during the full moon. I’m uncontrollably angry at everything.

    3. I get so depressed.. I walk around like the world is coming to an end. I even cry uncontrollably.. ( I have never been a cryer).. I am angry and hurt. its the week before the full moon then on the day of the full moon my life is back to normal.

    4. In Yoga Masters says that full moon will multiply what ever our mind has.If you are happy and positive minded then it will multiply happiness.if you are in meditative mind then you will go more deeper into meditation.If you are very restless and angry then it will multiplies it.So the true character of the person inside will be aggravated and shown outside on full moon day.SO change inside.

    5. lavonne porrini

      my husband is completely unreasonable when there is a full moon.has been for 40 years. wish there was a cure for this. cant take it anymore. he will fight (argue) to the death. it just makes me sick. like reading everyones comments.

    6. I have been married to my husband for 12 years now and he does the very same thing!! I like you also mark it on the calender. It is really weird and it drives me crazy and of course my husband doesn’t notice his mood & personality changes at all. He thinks I am making things up…I don’t know what causes it.

  9. I do not think anyone is crazy. I have had Migrane Headaches since I was 17 years old. Thank God for Imitrex and Maxalt. When the moon is full I always have a full blown migrane. I woke up Tuesday morning with a headache and still battling today Friday.

  10. Joanne (9) i am just like your husband, i am usually that calmest most laid back person in the world, but full moons make me really angry at everything/nothing. Does he get headaches a few hours before thunder storms too?

  11. I have looked at the effects of positive ions in the air and my migraines, but did not realise they were connected to the full moon. I have always been a headachy person, but the last 10 year (I’m 54) they have gone from bad to worse and I suffer migraines every week or so. I will be keeping track of the moon to see if they correspond.
    But what to do about them if they do?????

  12. I live in Spring, TX and it’s 1:16am, full moon right now, and I’m suffering from if not my worst headache I’ve ever experienced in my life. Not fun at all.

  13. I am so glad I came across this site. A fisherman friend of mine said, “I can always count on you getting a migraine on the full moon.” I, in fact had not noticed this phenomonon and yes, he was right. I can understand some people thinking this notion odd but fact is fact.
    I will now try to work on a solution but I am not a scientist. I would love to be able to help others overcome this great burden.

  14. I too am very glad to have come across this site.
    I have since the age of 12 suffered from migraines. My Dad gets them aswell and we often kid each other about which one of us will grow fur first when the full moon hits (kidding). I honestly don’t believe there is a “cure”, However some things I find helpful are: watching the moon cycles and monitoring my caffeine/chocolate intake, as they seem to be headache triggers for me. Meditation is quite helpful too 🙂

  15. Anne-Marie - Australia

    At last, but unfortunately, I realise I am not alone suffering with migraines for the last 20 years around 3 days before full moon and new moon times. Some signs I get the day before a migraine strikes are – sugar cravings, sore eyes, dog tired, intense hunger. This is when I start taking medication, namely Cafergot tablets which really helps. My sister also suffers this strange afflication at the same time as me.
    Thanks for this interesting webpage! Feel like I am now part of an elite club!:) Best wishes to all

  16. Anne-Marie - Australia

    So glad I found this website…I am not crazy after all! Always suffer with a migraine about 3 days before a full and new moon – for the last 20 years!! Cafergot tablets help a lot but I hate always having to take medication. Any other suggestions anyone? Seems like a lot of people are suffering out there. Sorry didn’t think the first comment went through so you got me twice!

  17. I always like to help anyone I can with this dreaded complaint. One thing that gives me some relief is a wet squeezed out washer put in the microwave for around 1 min 30 secs. The hot steam on the painful areas gives some releif if only temporary. Migrasticks containing a mix of lavender and peppermint essential oil also offer some relief

    Judi Heckendorf Australia

  18. I’m a firm believer in the effects that the full and new moons have on humans. I too have noticed that I have bad headaches during these lunar phases. And unfortunately, I have seen the way that it brings out anger and violence in some people. My ex-boyfriend had that “Moon Madness” and it is not pretty at all. Now my daughter has a boyfriend that is showing the same effects of reactions to the full moon. Now she is doing her own research on this matter. I wish someone could come up with a way to help us all….. Do you know of any websites that hit on this particular subject of making humans more angry and irritated?? I would be interested to read more about it. Thanks, Melisa (Tennessee) 😉

  19. Well, last night was a new moon, and did I ever have a headache. Even after a Naproxen, I’m not entirely better. Like a damned psychic meat grinder.

  20. Yeah, I felt it last night when I was doing my homework up late, couldn’t finish it and just went to bed (took awhile to fall asleep). The headache carried on the next day of my Calculas test……BLAH!!

  21. Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! it’s starting again, full moon will be Feb. 21 and the pain is already here. Morfin anybody???

  22. Willie — duh!!! Must be, because I have a damn headache. And there is this big yellow thing out there in the sky. #:-s

    If you’re blind, you can find a full moon calender on the internet. Just Google “full moon 2008”

  23. For me the full moons are always difficult. It’s not so much headaches as depression and mood swings… to the extreme. Constantly changing from one hour to the next. They start several days before the full moon and end several days after. I have a hard time concentrating on anything long enough to complete a thought. I never look at the calendar to know when the next full moon is going to happen, but I always know because of my extreme moods. I go from extreme depression and not wanting to live to anger and hating the world… everything changes from one minute to the next.

  24. Always leading up to a full moon – two or three days before or on the actual day, I get a migraine. I have mentioned this to people and they say its just a self fulfilling prophesy but there are some months when I don’t notice the moon, cloud or inside, etc. but I still get a migraine and I haven’t been anticipating it.

  25. Yes, I suffer from Migraines as well….. And have been tracking them for years…… And about a year ago noticed that they occurred most often during the new and full moons…. So, I told my doctor… And he gave me a blank stare and then laughed…. Glad to have made his day! But of course I did…. I am a Registered Nurse…… I work with Psychiatric Patients… And we all know that Psychiatric problems are contagious, right?
    Anyway…… I have been lucky so far…. Topamax 50mg has worked for me for 2 months now and with no side effects that I can tell…. Wish me luck….

  26. This is interesting. I clicked the “notify me” thing so when someone adds, it sends me an email. I don’t have a headache with this moon. Not saying I won’t wake up with one tomorrow, but mine are more common the day before. I do feel tired today, but no headache.

    I did have a horrible headache last Friday – a week early.

    Just curious – does anyone else posting here have ADD? I was recently diagnosed with it and am wondering if there might be any connection.

    1. Dave, You better believe it! They are now finding that A.D.D. or A.D.H.D. is just a side effect of something more serious like Bi Polar Disorder.
      Join the club! Good Luck.

  27. This is a very interesting topic! For the longest time I have felt the effects of a full moon but not every full moon. It appears some of them are worse than others. The ones that tend to drive me crazy also contribute to migraines like you shared. It would also result in near panic attacks and strong temptation in abandoning my apartment and moving to another city. I feel more aggressive. I also feel very teary. It is almost like PMDD.

    Thanks again for raising the topic – I was pleased to read about YOUR experiences!


  28. Help!! I’m going on cruise on the 14th Sept (just before full moon :o) and I’m terrified that I’ll be struck down with migraines while trying to enjoy a holiday. Apart from taking heaps of medication with me does anyone have ANY suggestions??? I am grateful for any help and advice, thanks heaps!

  29. Hey guys, full moon might have some actual impact, but a lot is also self-fulfilling profiency; if I believe that it can have an effect on me, I allow it to affect me!
    I’m trying to be strong and not to focus on it too much. The most important for me is to focus on WHAT I WANT, not what any strange ‘moon-beings’ want me to become/feel/do.
    Cpt. Klimbim

  30. I don’t know how to put this in medical terms but I’ll try to explain it the right way:

    The tissues inside my nose (membranes, sinuses or whatever they are called) get slightly swollen during the full moon, which is logical since we all know our body is mostly made out of water and moon has an effect on fluids, the swollen tissues block the air that gets through your nose to your lungs which provide oxygen to your brain…

    In conclusion, if your are not getting enough oxygen you develop a headache, it is similar to what happens to people in high altitude.

    But why doesn’t everybody develop a headache during full moon??

    That’s because there are some of us that have a narrower “Air Path” inside our nose and heads and this “Air Path” gets blocked during full moon.

    The solution I found for myself is simple and effective but I am not sure it will work for all of you:

    When I start to feel the pain is coming I take one single tablet of “Sodic Diclofenac” (Sodic Diclofenac is non steroid anti-inflammatory Agent) within less than an hour the pain is gone for good, I have never took more than one single tablet during an entire full moon, I have tried it four or five times and it never fails.

    I discovered this after my girlfriend hurt his ankle, the doctor gave her Sodic Diclofenac and during one of my “Full Moon Headaches” there was no other pain killer laying around.

    This is a suggestion only, I am not a doctor, and this are my personal conclusions, if you try it, it is your entire responsibility and not mine.

  31. It is so nice to know that I’m not alone. After another bad week of feeling angry, anxious, depressed and suffereing from headaches, I’ve discovered the pattern. This only happens the week before the full moon… I hate feeling this way and hate what I put others through because of it. I used to think it was PMS or PMDD until this month and last month when I noticed that it was happening two – two and a half weeks before my period. Now I KNOW it’s the full moon.

  32. Im glad i found this site, i have the worst headache i’ve experienced tonight and its a full moon. Over the past 4 days ive noticed i’ve become short tempered, angry, frustrated and this is over nothing. Luckily i havent been in a situation where i’ve just snapped. But i am also experiencing strange eating habits through the day i wont eat much and get full very quickly but at night i eat and eat and eat. After the full moon i go back to normal and become a mellow person again. Strange!

    i wish there was someone who knew why.


  33. Am so glad to read everyone’s postings = I’m normal !!!
    I do get a tense head and a slight headache but the worst bit is the MOOD thing. I want to kill – anybody will do, including myself! Aggression, anger, self-hatred, thank goodness I don’t have periods too!!
    Anyone know of anything to relieve this? I’m an aromatherapist and all the usual remedies just don’t seem to get through!

  34. Most doctors are quacks. Of course, phases of the moon cause pressure in the head. It’s either blood , water pressure or inflamation of the sinus cavety. I don’t know about you folks , but the lack of awareness the medical profession has about this, especially Western Doctors; rings of Quackery .

    42 year old male

  35. With me, it starts one week before the full moon . No headache or migrane but i feel lot of pressure on my head. I feel really insecure and unsettled, also think totally negative. I have been having this for the last 1o years. Also when this phase is over, i feel really relaxed and start thinking positively. I find it hard to believe but this is happening with me. I discussed with few people and they say this is moonal instability. Please let me know if you find a solution.

  36. I get migraines as well. Tension headaches and migraines. I get headaches when there is a full moon as well. The headaches that I get during full moon are not more intense than the ones I get other times.

  37. I am so glad I found this- It seems more common than I thought…
    It is Dec 11th..the full moon is officially tomorrow around 11 in the morning I think….And my head feels life its going to explode…I have the worst headache/migraine ever……Anyone else out there feeling it today/tonight…this headpain is unbearable…and my star sirn is cancer which is ruled by the moon and probably makes it worse at these times… OUCH

  38. I am so relieved to read everyone’s testimonies on this website. I’ve felt so alone, in this full moon migraine battle. I have suffered for years & years. Actually about 20 years ago, I had a chiropractor I was seeing, call me after a year of care from him, and he said that after reviewing my chart & comparing it to a calendar with the full moons on it, he documented that every time I came to him with a severe migraine, it was on the full moon. At first I thought his philosophy was crazy, and then I asked around about it, especially at the local health food store, and people actually understood it & agreed with it. Our brains float in water, and because of the web & flow of the tides, along with the full moon, it can affect our brains…..causing pressure in the skull. (That’s what I feel….along with mental confusion, depression, mood swings, etc.)Anyway, I am definitely waiting for an answer…. to relieve the pressure….and to live a normal life at that time, without pain & other problems. I’ve reacted, with bad side affects, to different medications & antidepressants, so those things are out. Hopefully the medical profession will have a revelation of how to treat this, and someone will come up with something powerful to alleviate the pain….That’s my prayer…..
    My heart goes out to all of you other sufferers…..I truly feel a kindredness with all of you….
    My prayers are with you…

  39. I cannot believe there is actually a connection between this persistent pain and the moon phases. My daughter always acts up during a full moon (she has ADHD) so I know it affects our family profoundly in that regard. Since I suffer from migraines and have for 20 years, I thought I would google any kind of connection between headaches and moon phases. I’ve had this migraine for days and no amount of medication will make it go away. Not the chiropractor or massage. Nothing. This happens every so often and I’ve never connected it with the moon phases before. It’s just been frustrating. I guess I just have to wait out the full moon!

  40. Well, good to see it’s not just me! I have manic-depression, and the full-moon without fail sends me up. Someone should start an experimental website based on symptoms and moon-phases… after a few years perhaps some meaningful data would emerge…

    1. Ditto, Dave! Good idea, but it would also be helpful if some of these Doctors who “dismiss” these notions as “foolish” actually conducted a study. Cheers!

      PS See you on the moon! (sorry, bad pun).

    2. Yes David! Mee too. I believe that’s why it is called “Lunatic”, “Lunacy” – I go up, up, way up and it is a very creative time and space.
      Now, I try to harness it. It’s difficult. It is hard to land and sit and write. I may start to record instead. I believe it is divine. If you know she’s coming, you can manage yourself a little better.
      I’m careful what I commit to and schedule around the full moon. Some things are great to do, others, not so much.

  41. :(( i really feel i’m losing my mind on the full moon cycle, i thot it was my monthly that caused the migraine but it is defo the full moon. i av been gettin migraines every month for the past 2yrs & cant wait 2 c the moon move off into another phase it’s horrendous!! hopefully someone will research this 2 help?

  42. I have had migraines since I was 8 yrs. old. In an Oceanography class I took, the professor said it was thought that headaches might be from the same effect as the Moon on the tides, which are considerably bigger at the new and full moons. Moon’s forces cause pressure on fluid in brain; it’s proven that the Moon causes the tides to occur–without the Moon, we’d have no tides! Food for thought! I swear at the full moon I’m out on the front porch howling!

  43. my girl friend’s 14 month baby girl has “moon madness” she cannot be thinking, full moon’s coming, i am going to get a migraine? has anyone tried Pedro Arteaga suggestion, Sodic Diclofenac? if you have please post your reaction. regard’s david j

  44. Hi David J! I always take just one pill of Sodic Diclofenac 2 days before the full moon and I habe been pain free for at least a year, I asked my doctor about this and first of all, he laught at me, but he also told me that one Sodic Dicoflenac pill is way better than 6 or 10 acetaminophen pills, by the way… acetaminophen works for me in a single dosis if the pain is not moon related.

    I do not recomend any pill for a 14 month baby.

  45. Bipolar and full moon…..how’s that for a combo? I literally plan my life around full moon (vacations, two days off from work before as I rarely sleep well, curbing social activities, etc…..). Hot baths, light reading and moderation in all tasks helps. For example…..don’t plan a dinner party, or visiting a showroom for that new Audi. Even going grocery shopping is a bad idea, as I seem to be a magnet for bad energy from others. Not sure about migraines, but do know that any physical issue is magnified, for sure. Know your dates and plan accordingly. Don’t mean to sound simplistic about this, but after this many years, I just try to deal. This is real, and potentially even dangerous when you don’t plan, so just check the calendar and buy an awesome candle, or have some pecan pie?

  46. I have migrains about 7-15 days a month. I have been tracking migraines for last 3 or so years – mine are definitely related to menstrual cycle, BUT not always. I just plotted the moon cycle (thanks for the link in earlier post) on top of that to see if there are 2 factors for the migraines. The full moons happens to fall around my period about 1/2 of the time, so it “seems” as though the full moon is cause, but there are still times when I have migraines and no full moon or period. There are many full moons when i do not have a migraine. The migrains are not worse with both a full moon and period, except with this Jan full moon exception in 3 years. Coffee abstinence seems to reduce my headaches, but I have been taking 1/2 pill of Excedrin for my headaches lately – works great, but like coffee – can’t get off it without going through widrawal symptoms. Still looking the underlying cause. I also have low blood pressure. Does anyone have high blood pressure and migraine?

  47. Over the last 3 days (since the full moon) i have been having horrendous mood swings! One second I am angry at everything then the next i think life is amazing then im crying! Before anyone asks, no i am not pregnant! The only reason I can think of is the moon!

  48. I am absolutely certain that there is a connection between the fool moon and our mood. Perhaps migraines as well. I don’t know if there has been any scientific research done in that direction but there is something there for sure.

  49. Thanks for this website!! I too suffer from the full moon headache syndrome (FMHS). My wife jokes that I am a werewolf and sometimes I think she may be right. My peak pain is actually during the daytime prior to the fullest moon night. Magically my headache ends when the full moon is about 1/4 of the way up in the sky. For treatment I usually end up at either the chiropractor, acupuncturist or massage therapist. My symptoms are a cloudy head with what I would call a form of tunnel vision. I have been having really good results with the massage therapist focusing on deep tissue massage of my shoulders and neck with acupressure(trigger points) on my scalp. Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen rarely take the edge off of these headaches which is my clue that it is probably a full or new moon. Most of my headaches happen during the full moon, I can count the times on one hand that they have occurred during a new moon. I would be interested to find out from others and I will check myself to see if we are having peak headaches during the ‘lowest tide’ full moon or ‘highest tide’ full moon, there is a difference.

  50. I suffer a major personality change during full moons. I am instantly angry at nothing. I am stressed, I also wonder about my sexuality. Am I gay, straight or bi? Its weird alright. I found out when the girls I lived with kept diarys and went back through them and noted when I had turned into Mr Nasty. I dont bother tracking the full moon but when I am going through certain feelings, I look out the window and sure enough theres the biggest full moon. I don’t car what GP’s say, its definately having an impact.

  51. this moon was a doozy! Course I’m pregnant and due today so that doesn’t help matters. But I could hardly sleep, have had a migraine I’m so sensitive to sound and vibes. It feels like my brain and tissue all through my body is swollen though it’s not noticeably visible anywhere. Crazy stuff! I’ve never been this affected in my life. I had to lay in bed all day. Guess it was a partial eclipse, PLUS we had a major rain storm come through.
    So interesting to find the number of people having migraines around a full moon here. I never knew of this.

  52. The full moon really bothers me, people who know me agree. Unfortunately my period and pms are alligned with the lunar cycle. The gyno told me that water builds around my brain which cause the weepy sensitive problems so water pills help. I also sometimes feel like my hair is prickling on my head or a full body shiver like you get from fevers. I take Celexa for depression but it doesn’t seem to work for me during the full moon. I do get headaches too. My Mom suffered from migraines and one thing I do know is that she slathered MSG (Accent) all over her food. Studies have shown that MSG can cause Migraines so watch that and sodium. MSG is hidden in LOTS of foods especially prepackaged and prepared foods.

  53. Looking for info on full moon, moon cycles, and/or effect on mood, depression, illness etc. I think, but am not sure, that I may have an issue with lunar cycles. This past month was extremely horrible. I am beyond exhausted, cry at the drop of a pin, want to punch people in the mouth all the time, for no reason, hate my job, paranoid, anxious…it just goes on. Is anyone else having any of these issues at all? No, it is not PMS, or other hormonal issues, as that is no longer an issue for me.

    I have started tracking, looking at the lunar phases and cycles because I have been sick most of my life, 2 and 3 weeks out of the month, which until recently, I blamed on my period. With that out of the way, and my doctor telling me that it is not hormones, I am still getting sick, and it’s getting worse. Not better.

    I have charted all the moons for 2009 and will see how I am feeling and at what points in the lunar cycle. I’m just sick and tired of being sick and tired.

  54. 8-|
    Migraines have been in my life for 25 yrs just after the birth of my first child. No amount of meds really helps. My husband discovered this correlation with the moon about 18 years ago and sure enough I can know when a full moon is coming without seeing a calendar. I’ve shared this info with all different specialists without much positive response. My whole body is sensitive to medical treatments, pain, & weather patterns. I encourage those who suffer, and their families to keep looking for ways to live your life in less pain. I can handle some pain but not full on migraines. Nobody should have to endure them! If we all keep searching for relief & are not afraid what others think, we just might find someone who wants to do a study or research it more fully to find help for all of us.

  55. Wow, I’m glad I’m not the only one. My massage therapist told me that he has heard about all these lunar symptoms so he made me feel better about my weird lunar headaches. Mine always start a day or two before a full or new moon and last for a day or two after the full or new moon. No amount of meds help, so I basically have to wait it out. I agree it would be nice if there was an answer or at least some sort of relief from it all. The pain is often so bad that I have to leave work and I also get very, very irritable. Today is a full moon and I lost a day’s work because of it. 🙁

  56. I’ve noticed my male roomy having these problems, first his mood would switch but that wasn’t so bad before he moved here he’d knock himself out with a large book… I caught him doing this and well lets say the books hiden now :)but he’s just recetly gotten the head aches and well I desided to look it up. I’ve been reading down and I’ve put together a little list of med.s and a little info. mostly you’ll have to read but I would because there are somethings in here that well I’d just read.. most of my info I got off the web.

    Caffeine – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caffeine

    I would just read what they have to say, my father is an avid coffe drinked and says that it helps with head aches, my asthma, and I have noticed that effect, but that could be a single effect on a single person.

    Cafergot – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cafergot

    consisting of ergotamine tartrate and caffeine. This combination is used for the treatment of vascular headaches, such as migraine headache.

    Correct timing of use is important. Cafergot is an abortive headache treatment, which prevents the development of the headache, rather than a treatment for an established headache. The medication should be administered at the first sign of headache.

    not that bad of side effects but still read.

    Naproxen – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naproxen

    commonly used for the reduction of moderate to severe pain, fever, inflammation and stiffness caused by conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, gout, ankylosing spondylitis, menstrual cramps, tendinitis, bursitis, and the treatment of primary dysmenorrhea. It works by inhibiting both the COX-1 and COX-2 enzymes. Naproxen and naproxen sodium are marketed under various trade names including: Aleve, Anaprox, Antalgin, Flanax, Miranax, Naprelan, Naprogesic, Naprosyn, Proxen, Synflex, Xenobid.

    Definately read warning label.

    Topamax – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Topamax

    has a use for migraines and bipolar disorder, mainly on label for epilepsy

    definatly look at the side effects!

    Sodic Diclofenac(not to be confused with Diclofenac) – http://www.medigraphic.com/ingles/i-htms/i-h-gral/i-hg2003/i-hg03-2/im-hg032d.htm

    umm and heres one that might wanna be looked at…readthe abstract… the conclution reads as is :The obtained data suggest that the bone repair is a time-dependent process, which can be delayed by the sodic diclofenac and accelerated by the calcitonina, when used separately. The associated use of calcitonina and sodic diclofenac didn’t show to be the best therapeutic option in the treatment of bone defects surgically created.

    but keep in mind they did this to rats but rats are mammals too, so the bone make up could be close to ours, and seeing as they are doing this test on them I’m guessing for human resurch down the road… that might have an inpact on if you take it or not..

    Diclofenac – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diclofenac

    marketed as Flector patch, Voltaren, Voltarol, Voltfast,Votalin, Diclac, Diclon, Dicloflex, Diclofenacum, Difen, Difene, Cataflam, Naklofen, Pennsaid, Panamor, Rhumalgan, Modifenac, Abitren, Olfen, Voveran, Arthrotec, Dedolor, Deflamat, Vetagesic, Topac and Zolterol, with various drug dose combinations) is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) taken to reduce inflammation and as an analgesic reducing pain in conditions such as arthritis or acute injury. It can also be used to reduce menstrual pain, dysmenorrhea.

    I beg you to read the side effects on ths one!

    Paracetamol or acetaminophen – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acetaminophen

    is a widely used over-the-counter analgesic (pain reliever) and antipyretic (fever reducer). It is commonly used for the relief of fever, headaches, and other minor aches and pains, and is a major ingredient in numerous cold and flu remedies. In combination with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) or opioid analgesics, paracetamol is used also in the management of more severe pain (such as cancer pain).

    Please read this one… basically the over dose is a dozzie … for get pain reliever talk about danger… so please read, you might find you can take it but like any drug be careful it’s not candy.. even if it hurts an over dose will hurt more.

    Ibuprofen – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ibuprofen

    is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) originally marketed as Brufen, and since then under various other trademarks (see tradenames section), most notably Nurofen, Advil and Motrin. It is used for relief of symptoms of arthritis, primary dysmenorrhea, fever, and as an analgesic, especially where there is an inflammatory component. Ibuprofen is known to have an antiplatelet effect, though it is relatively mild and short-lived when compared with that of aspirin or other better-known antiplatelet drugs. Ibuprofen is a core medicine in the World Health Organization’s “Essential Drugs List”, which is a list of minimum medical needs for a basic health care system.

    No offence but I see no pain killer on this.. the bottle could say other wise because wikipedia is upgraded on what people put but still… just because something says pain killer or anti-inflammatory drug doesn’t mean it’ll make a head ache or migraine go away or take the edge off. But like any drug I’d urg people to read the risks or the side effects that are possible becuase saying it won’t happen to me doesn’t usually work, trust me I think everyones done that…:d

  57. 😕 Really great to come across this site – I have had headaches all my life and was later diagnosed with high blood pressure which had me trapped on meds for about 13 years, after so long I was adamant I wanted to get off meds and so made some major changes (quit smoking, more exercise, relaxed more etc) and then after my second pregnancy and a lot of positive thinking and help from a wonderful natural remedy midwife I was finally able to do so – I have kept track of many things over the years and found that not always but often get headaches/migraines around full moon and new moon also. Like A.C I notice the headaches more in the daytime for a few days leading up to the night of peak full moon – can actually feel the intensity of it as the moon rises in the sky and diminishes once it has reached its midpoint – doesn’t matter how much or what pills I take at these times and so usually just have to cope until the beautiful big bad moon is in the right place, I finally decided tonight to google the lunar headaches and here I am! One of many struck down by the moon madness. I will try some of the suggestions and spread the word as I know of 3 other women who have had 4-5 days of headache leading up to this full moon. And I agree that its not every full moon but most – some full moons seem to have a different energy altogether. My partner is always very edgy and sleepy through the full moon days, and our sons are more likely to be wide awake – i also find it hard to sleep! it surprises me that people laugh at the idea of such a connection, how obvious an effect it is when we are so much water anyway! All the best to all here, and anyone with natural remedies please share! blessed be

  58. Ancient Indian medicine has a cure for this. If you consult an Indian Medical Practitioner who practises Ayurveda or an Indian astrologer they will recommend you to wear Pearl known as moon stone. But it should be studded in a silver ring and there should be an opening at the base where the pearl can touch your finger. Wear it in the smallest finger i.e. 4th finger.

    I would recommend you to consult some ancient Indian medical practioner. I also used to get headaches but was recommended pearl ring and feel much better now.

  59. The full moon was June 14th Sunday and my headache started Friday. I had checked last month’s full moon around May 9th and I had the headache, also previous full moons but I hadn’t recorded when. Exedrin Tension for Headache does help but not entirely. My left side just throbs here and there, almost like a head rush when you get up or do anything physical. So I just try to take it easy watching movies, drinking lots of water. I was looking for a remedy and found this site. You are not alone! hehe

  60. :(( I like others get my migraines on both the new and full moons. I have kept track of them for years and some months actually pass without a headache and others are 1,2 or 3 days. I have tried everything I can think of to help. I even got a couple of migraine prescriptions for them and I started taking them Saturday night when the headache started and nothing. It continued to get worse throughout the day on Sunday and I still have it today. I am just happy to hear that others are having the exact same symptoms as myself. Friends and family think I am crazy. Maybe one day someone will come up with a cure. I am thinking I will try that pearl ring if I can find one around here. Good luck to everyone….I use to love the full moon. NO MORE!!!

  61. This last full moon hit me particularly hard – another 4 days of it – felt like I had a nail embedded in behind my right eye into my brain – aaargh! just horrible and was very dopey. as usual painkillers didn’t do anything and I tried drinking lots of water as well. So today I am taking my old pearl earrings to a jeweller to turn into a ring and see if this does help – worth a try I reckon – must be a pressure point or something – will update when all done and tried!!

  62. I’ll just say what works for me. I worked in a hospital for years and saw more accidents and mental probs around full moon- also an increase in births. I drink a lot of water,little coffee and eat only watery fruits on the full moon. The new moon is an effective time for de-tox. You should always avoid surgery at full moon as there will be more bleeding then. Waning moon is best I believe. Om full moon,Always reduce or eliminate salt. It is a good time to lose a little weight.You tend to gain more in waxing phase and lose easier in the waning cycle. There is a great deal in literature about the effect of moon on anything to do with bodily fluids. I have long lived uncomfortably with how medical docs poo-poo anything about the effects of moon. But it is valid in many other cultures and traditions. As a psychologist, I encourage people to be aware of moon phases and experiment to find out how to live in hatmony with them.

  63. I too have been suffering from severe headaches around the time of a full mooon, but my most recent experience is a diagonis of high blood pressure…i was put on meds last month and it brought it down significantly but on monday, eve of full moon i went for follow up and pressure had gone up again…i strongly believe there is a correlation between the moon and high blood pressure for some…i was put on Micardis Plus…what is interesting is the headache was no where near severe but i got that tingling feeling in my head and the blood pressure test had spiked…i’m not sure if the meds calmed the headaches or the fact that i have severly cut down sodium, cut out caffeine and upped my potassium intake…susie

  64. Not only do I get headaches but my ears are ringing or feeling a sense of pressure in them. Kids, animals and people in general seem to get a little crazy during a full moon.

  65. Have you seen the “moon phase” gadget for igoogle??? It’s called Current Moon Phase iGoogle Gadget. I’m convinced the moon phase (full moons especially) have a huge impact on things in my life… oddly enough it seems I regularly have technological nightmares (while awake) occur during a full moon or close to full phase. Odd… can it really be related to a full moon??? As for yer headache – 9 times out of 10 a headache is the body asking for more water. Drink a big glass of water and it will improve.

  66. ok many people dont believe me but whenever theres a full moon or lunar eclipse. i get these horrible migranes that dont stop until i fall asleep. i get really hot and uncomfortable. it almost feels like i have a fever. and something happens to my eye sight. i cant stand bright lights. its horrible if i’m driving at night because the other car lights and street lights bother me a lot. Sometimes i start feeling it late afternoon and when i go out at night to check….there it is..a bright full moon. its very strange i wish someone could have some answers about this.

  67. Yes, just had three days of migraine leading up to the full moon last night. Awoke again this morning with another migraine. Am taking so many meds. But hopefully now the moon is beginning to loose strength, my heads will settle down for a bit. Like another posting on this site, I get migraines starting a few days before the full moon just as it is coming up to its peak.
    Also have dentist appointment booked for day before next new moon – no earlier appointment available. I am hoping that that the one day will leave enough time for root canal work to settle before the huge pull up of the new moon. Any ideas?

  68. I am so glad i found this website. I have been suffering with migraines for a good 35 years and for many of those have thought it was related to the full moon. Just like John Velez my eye sight is affected and driving at night is horrendous. I am fed up with getting strange looks from various doctors that i have asked for years or the one that said i would only suffer with migraines over the full moon if i was crazy. Now thats reassuring!! By the way, im not crazy. All i know is that nothing works to get rid of the migraine and i also do get teary, depressed and short tempered. Also i cannot get to sleep until just about morning, this usually goes on for up to a week and then im ok again. It would be great if someone could fine a cure. Take care everyone, i know how you feel.

  69. Hi, this is all very relevant to me! I am a sober alcoholic (4 yrs) I really believe that some, not all, full moons have made me act and feel like a lunatic, for as long as I can remember. When I was boozing I used to get totally out of control and be really abusive and crazy one night. The next morning I would announce that I had my period and my poor husband would reply, I could have told u that! Now I am sober and no longer have my monthly ‘visitor’ I have figured that my cycle would always coincide with the full moon. But I suffer from extreme anger, mood swings, panic attacks, lethargy etc for a cple of days before and after the full moon. I did discuss this with my doctor and he told me to ‘hide from the moon’ I am on anti depressants and xanax, which stabilises me (along with AA meetings) but from now on, I will try to make my days less stressful around this lunar cycle. I also have a couple of friends who are going crazy with migraines, both AA members, I will get them to read all this great info.The only thing we can do is to remember “This too will pass” God bless all fellow loonies.

  70. This lunar cycle is by far the weirdest one I have experience. I take medication for Depression and generalized anxiety (Lexapro) and it seems like it’s not even working right now. Around the lunar cycles I feel like I am not myself and have a hard time grounding myself. Sometimes I think I am going crazy! And it feels like I am walking through a haze like dream, but in real life. I hope this feeling doesn’t last long after the full moon but it always happens about a week prior and a week after!

  71. Wow. I don’t get migraines, but I’ve had years of hormone testing to figure out what the hell is wrong with me. Right now I can hardly type because my wrists and hands hurt so bad, and I can hardly walk with my foot pain. I’m 23 years old. I’ve started to figure out when my mood is effected by my hormones rather than the lack of optimism, and yesterday I felt like it was more than just PMS (which I’m very familiar with…). For the last couple days I’ve felt DRUNK! I’ve had no alcohol but I can’t keep my balance, I’m super clumsy, and small ridiculous things will make me suddenly and severly angry and upset, surprising even me! (I’m about the most laid back person I know haha). I was trying to joke with a woman serving me tea (when the last thing I wanted to do was joke around), and told her I shouldn’t be around people cause I can’t function (cue, drop my debit card…) and she totally was having the same problem. I joked about it feeling like there was a full moon or something, but then was shocked when the sun went down to find that I was right! So great to see that I may have found an explanation to some of my mood issues… now, onto a solution. Hmmm…

  72. I had too a terribe headache, I took meds but just noway.
    I have searched alot about this ” full moon issue” until I found out that the fasting is the best solution, I think it has relation with the hormones or sth, and by fasting we control the body to not produce more hormones in these days.

    Tonight is a nigh a full moon and I fasted today , I didnt eat or drink anything, even water the whole day ;)!
    and I had first my meal at 7pm once I arried from and believe it, I am feeling much better, at least better than before.

  73. For me as the full moon comes near I feel high as a kite…life is good..that’s when it’s time to hole up..headache makes living and thought just a notion..last about three days..similar to effects of low pressure from a storm or possibly mold count going up before and after storms come into area..Advil helps but doesn’t last…coffee if you can get it down opens open the blood vessels and this helps..like allergies the full moon appears to make my body hold water..drying out my eyes and placing pressure on my joints…effects my balance and yes makes my ear ring..effecting my bodies ability to digest food properly…I’ve never been able to find any real solution to the headache..hot showers..hot/cold packs on the head..exercise as suggested to keep off migraines all seem to be ineffective..I agree salt may be a good thing to avoid and generally eat less and drink more water and wonder if genetics may be involved I’ve got a tight skull casing ..as water is being retained the swelling of the brains casing may cause the headaches..one of my family lines is Danish…in any case be assured every full moon yoo hoo one day to conquer the world then at least two days to hole up…

  74. Its weird but I am glad I came across this forum. Every month, for few days, I will feel low, depressed, lonely and unfortunate for no reasons while the other days are just normal. Once, while driving back home I wasn’t in the best of my moods and I saw the beautiful full moon and it took not more than few seconds for me to realize if moon has some thing to do with my bad mood. its been around 6 months now I strongly believe its the moon- beautiful yet painful!

    I dont really feel any migraine but I am certainly not able to sleep…

  75. It is not just headaches I believe. My husband has gout and I have noticed that his pains get more intensive around the full moon and he is unable to walk, after that he is fit as a fiddle! I have been trying to find a relationship between the moon and its effects on gout and found this site…quite interesting reading. Any other gout sufferers out there have noticed the same?

  76. I posted back in June. I found that when I’m on birth control, my symptoms are mild to none on the headaches! But I still get the moodiness a few days and water retention, my upper eye lids get noticeably droopy.

  77. This last full moon – aarrrrgh. I haven’t had such a long lasting or bad migraine for a good while. It bagan Friday and ended Monday afternoon. I couldn’t treat it because I couldn’t keep anything down, not even a few sips of water. Back it all came. I was in agony with head and neck pain, continual retching, ringing in my ears, etc. I would have willingly voluntered for the Humane Killer. Then on Sunday evening my husband said “there’s a lovely full moon out there”!!!!

  78. I am so happy to have come across this website! Some of you have made me laugh out loud – probably with relief that I am not the only one suffering from this bizarre “migraine – moon oh my God it’s a full one”! Like so many of you I thought I was going insane… I couldn’t even drive in a straight line to the supermarket the last time – my son said “do you think the moon is doing this”? He too felt out of sorts and miserable and depressed.. I just felt shakey and murderous. I almost hit a woman in marks and spencer for looking at me.. “what’s she looking at” I bellowed. My son skulked off and hid behind the bread. I got home and that fabulous stabbing feeling in my left eye started and sure enough – MIGRAINE!!! for FIVE bloody days. This actually, thinking back over the past 15 years, has been my life. Great huh ! I have to lie to people now and tell them I’m so sorry I can’t meet them for a coffee but I am soooo busy. In reality I am in bed or on the sofa in pyjamas, stinking through lack of energy to step in bath.. People just get tired of hearing “oh I am sorry I can’t see you today, tomorrow, next week, because I have a migraine. I get bored with hearing myself say it. OK going now… take care one and all and let’s hope we can just keep strong when these attacks occur because they are draining. love to all LIZ COX

  79. Hey folks !!! it is true that the term “lunatic” comes from “lunar”, and refers to a supposed correlation between the full moon and insanity, but that idea was approved and disproved hundreds of years ago and the conflict still exists. Even though man has walked on the moon there are many mysteries to behold and I doubt man will ever tap into most of them.

    Is it possible you could suffer from “light deprivation?” People that live in places such as British Columbia, or very rainy and dark countries (for part of the year) suffer depression or do not feel well. Keep a log on yourself as to when you don’t feel well and when you do and you will find a pattern. Please be sure to put rainy, dark days down and full moons.

    Let me serve you with Indian holistic remedy which might help you. Please feel free to contact me by posting your concerns to snehacare@yahoo.co.in.

    Hats off to you Lisa for bringing out such a wonderful topic.


  80. ok so i see here that im not the only one but does any one have an explanation.I looked into it and one wesite clames it could be to do with ION winds an in balance of posative and negative ION’s is what causes migraines and nausia and violent out bursts and all manorisms of emotional behaviour.This is just one theory.Any other ideas ?

  81. Well, I see my counselor in 2 days…the moon is at 98% full and the last week has been increasingly hellish. No, I don’t get migraines like most of you. I suffer deep depression and just want to scream, cry, sleep, hide, dream only good dreams and not wake up. Any thing, any event, the slightest annoyance drives me to a mindset of insanity. I have never had regular cycles, so I used to blame my mood swings on that until I started peri-menopause. I am negative on the bi-polar diagnosis, thank goodness, but am unable to take any anti-depressants due to never ending side affects that just increase the depression and don’t make me ‘happy’…though I am considered a perfect candidate for them. My depression does come with the full moon…that is why I came here and visited other sites (mostly useless dribble). My depression will pass to a degree, but the full moon will be high on my list to talk about with my shrink. My husband won’t leave me (guess that’s good in these crappy economic times), though I’ve given him reason enough with my moods to say, “See ya later, bitch”. He just truly loves me. This moon also comes on the 7th anniversary of my mother’s death (Dec. 2), and then to top it off, we have a BLUE MOON Dec. 31. Good Lord, help us all :((
    Life is rough after moving 3 years ago, which included leaving a good job, and trying to re-establish a life in a small podunk town with a retired husband who is on disability and trying to figure what the hell to do with my life now that I’m over 55…………………it sucks right now, but will suck less later as the moon makes it’s changes in the evening sky. I’m stil looking for my spiritual leader and my muse – what a combination that is! Best wishes to you all for a Happy Holiday…full moon and all.

  82. To Sophie who said “bullSHIT” what are you on this forum for? If that is your opinion, you should be reading something else….
    Happy Christmas everyone!

  83. Hi Happy Christmas to everyone!!!

    Dear Tink..so much touched by your expressions. I respect the man who knows distinctly what he wishes. The greater part of all mischief in the world arises from the fact that men do not sufficiently understand their own aims. They have undertaken to build a tower, and spend no more labor on the foundation than would be necessary to erect a hut. What the caterpillar calls “the end of the world”, the master calls a butterfly.


  84. Peter Wolf - Pedro Arteaga

    I have been having “full moon headaches” for more than five years but I keep them under control with Sodic Diclofenac just like I posted some time ago, a few months ago the doctor discovered I have Insulin Resistance also known as “Syndrome X”, does anybody else have such a condition? does it have something to with this full moon headaches?

    P.D. Sophie: I hope a werewolf eats you.

  85. Is no one up with me tonight ? Not only is there a full moon rising for New Year’s Eve but it’s also a BLUE MOON, Second one in this month !

    I have watched the moon and pain for years and years when people thought I was nuts. Now as others have watched it with their own problems, they see over and over again that this is REAL.

    Last night I slept like a baby. Tonight I cannot get sleep on the most powerful med I have.

    SOMETHING CHANGED for me at about 7 PM tonight. What I mean by that is I get this weird energy, then I get this SUGAR CRAVING, and then I try to go to bed, and know sleep is not coming. I get back up, eat everything in the kitchen with sugar in it and could care less about the consquences. I get depressed, I’m in so much pain all over my body (I have fibro, arthritis and a few hundred other things 🙂 and I get very depressed. The house smells funny, my body feels weird, like I just want to jump out of it and I get this JERKY thing, like restless legs but it’s all over and then I get the worse allergy on earth. I literally can’t STAND MYSELF I’m so weird. Sometimes it last a few days before the moon, or on the full moon. Sometimes the very next morning after the full moon, I’m back to normal after suffering this for several days leading up to the full moon. This BLUE MOON is going to be a DOOZY I think for it’s 5 days out and I’m already in full blown FULL MOON MODE !

    I hate it and I can find NOTHING to help it……..but riding it out is all I can do.

    My husband gets depressed also and that man never has a depressed day. He has begun to have NIGHTMARES and I even had a strange one that picked up where his left off after waking him from a horrible dream where he was paralyzed and was trying to tell me in his dream………he was moaning such a WOUNDED ANIMAL groan I thought he was having a heart attack. He said he has been trying to get me to HELP HIM in the dream for a while, when I woke him. He KEPT HIMSELF AWAKE for a while because he did not want to go back to the nightmare fearing it would begin again. Then I go back to sleep and dream about friends I haven’t seen in years and years and dream their daughter is in the same state my husband told me he was in in his dream. It was the wierdest thing that has ever happened to us. DOWN RIGHT LUNACY ! 🙂 NEVER EVER HAD that happen in 25 years of marriage.

    SOooooooooooo, where is everyone ? SOMEONE, HELP……….I need support.

    That’s my story and it’s a hard one……….now I’m too tired to write anymore and still too wired tired to sleep.

    GOOD NIGHT……..I hope you all are having a GOOD ONE, cause the MOON IS CLOSE and I’m feeling it EARLY EARLY ! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

  86. :)>-Hi nan, and all, blessed be, Nan especially I do hope you are feeling better and have had some sleep since your call for support, sleep deprivation especially makes it hard to cope well. I am unsure what it is I can say to help but nevertheless read back through the many comments above and you will find some guidance there, for me the continuous followup comments has been a real blessing and I have been able to understand myself better, and thus am coping better too, thanks to all….

  87. I am a RN and I almost always can’t sleep a few days before a full moon and I also almost always get a head ache. The only time I ever get and head ache and can’t sleep is right before a full moon. Other than during that time I sleep well and never get headaches. I am sure that the full moon pulls on the fluid in our brains/bodies just like it does in the ocean. I wonder why MD’s don’t believe us???? There are lots of people who get these same symptoms!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Dear Nan:

    Whenever u feel wierd symptoms like this..please try wearing a silver ring across your pinky finger and i will pray for all. It might sound strange when i say prayers and all to some people but trying things out doesnt harm you rt? If it works out or makes any difference, kindly let me know.


  89. I am so glad I found this! I just googled migraines and full moon and I KNEW I wasn’t crazy.

    I’m 63 and have had migraines since I was a teenager, though about five years ago they pretty much went away. But over the last year, I can almost always tell there’s a full moon coming because I have a migraine nearly every day. AND I have a terrible time sleeping during a full moon – for about a week I can’t FALL asleep and when I do, I can’t STAY asleep.

    I knew I wasn’t crazy – whoever says the full moon does NOT have anything to do with it is crazy – we are the proof! :d/

  90. How ironic I was looking thru headache and migraine posts and found the first 2006 post that says last weekend was a full moon. Same here on New Years 2010…3+ years later.

  91. Hi,Has any 1 ever found out why people be’s affected by the full moon?I suffer depression and it always gets really bad a week before the full moon,i am that badly affected it leaves me that i cant do nothing,first of all i though it was in my head then i kept a note of things and sure and true is always a week before the full moon:d/ its so weard i cant do nothing then next thing am up and going again just so quick wat have we got but the full moon WHY:-?


  92. :d Well…..I am one of the chosen ones who gets the 1-4 day migraines around both the new and the full moon. Last year my doctor put me on blood pressure meds along with a water pill (low number was too high due to water retention) and ever since then I have not had one migraine during the moons. I don’t know if that would work for everyone or anyone else but the moon controls the gravity which controls the earths water and we are full of water. I was thinking that was the problem for me but had no idea what to do for it since the water problem is in the head. It took a few months to realize that I had not had one since I was dealing with 2 major surgeries but here I am 8 months later and not one migraine. I can again look at the full moon and see its beauty. Good luck to everyone and maybe give it a try. It couldn’t hurt!!!

  93. I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS!! It’s exactly what I thought was the problem!. My wife has the problem, not me. I’ve been years observing her and I came up with exactly the same theory that Paula proves right. Today my wife was suffering a horrible migraine, she was exhausted as well. Today is 4 days to full moon here and I donwloaded a moon phase program for my iPhone. The distance from Earth to the moon is getting lower and lower until the full-moon phase which is when the moon is closer to the Earth. That affects the Tides and of course people since we are just water.

    SOLUTION: Well, I was pretty sure that a blood pressure medication would do good as it worked on Paula but you can do something very simple that calms down my wife immediately!. Just a FROZEN BAG OF LIQUID!!. That’s it!. I place it over her head (right on the top and on the sides above the ears). I press very softly with my hand and then hold it back smoothly as well, as a massage. She feels instant releif. Hope it works on you people!

  94. That is awesome Albert! Whatever works. The only benefit to taking the water retention pills is that the headache never comes on. It was not the blood pressure pill that helped, it was just the water pill. I no longer need anything for my blood pressure but I will continue taking the water pills the weeks before the moons and hopefully that will continue to do the trick. Tell your wife she is very lucky to have someone who cares enough to investigate the problem and then care for her when she does get them. I wish you both a happy, healthy, headache free 2010.

  95. ahhh this makes so much sence now. i am affected by the moon, anger, mood swings, depressed and ups n downs. plus headache as it bedcomes full moon and restless sleep. i guess i shudnt get drunk on my birthday or ill ahve a crazy hangover !:((

  96. :(( the full moon has been out in hamilton NZ for a week nonstop at nights from 10 or 12 pm there would b a fullmoon dont no when it stops i tryed to C stayed up till 4:30am nofing still there

  97. My headaches really started on the Blue Moon. It was really bad for several days. And this is the 2nd Full moon since then. And I have gotten headaches on both of them. I have one right now. I was told by a friend that it could be that your physic gifts are trying to come in. The main one being your 3rd eye trying to open. Meditation helps me a lot when I have one. Just thought I would share.

  98. Well I have been having a very low mood for about two weeks now, and wondered why, but I suffer with depression, and have found a pattern of it always being a new/full moon during it.
    Can anyone explain why this is.?

  99. I am in my 50’s and suffered mad episodes on an almost regular basis whenever their is a full moon. I feel aggravated, exhausted, headachy, will blow my top at anything etc. I am also a member of Alcoholics Anonymous, being sober has made these episodes, or at least my behaviour, much less extreme. Step 1 in AA- Admitted we were powerless over alcohol and our lives had become unmanageable. 3 months ago, I decided that I would apply this principle to the full moon. I am aware of the time and decided that I was fed up, with allowing it to control me. So, at this time, I take everything a bit slower, I am more aware if I am getting over emotional and irrational. I THINK before I open my mouth. I hand my will and my life over to the care of my higher power. So far, so good. In fact the 12 steps of AA are an amazing aid to life on lifes terms for anyone, not just alcoholics. Just a suggestion, but google them and try it for yourself. Much happier now!!

  100. during full moos, i dont get headaches. but i seem to get a srange obsession with it. i cant help but stair at it all day. and i notice things about it no one really seems to care about. like one day i noticed the moon was bigger than usual, i asked my friends about it but they didnt notice8-x

  101. I had this experience that during full moon I’m suffering from weird headache.

    Depression, mood swing & pain fills my whole night. I wonder why?

    But I feel relieved that I’m not the only one having this pain.
    Coz they didn’t believe having this ache during fullmoon.

    My friend watch a documentary regarding FULL MOON MADNESS on NATGEO. And I wish I could see that.


  102. Yes I to have noticed that I get a bad headache around the full moon. Plus I’m even more restless than usual. I tend to be a night person anyway though. It is June 25th,2010 and I had a bad headache today. I do feel it has to do with a change in the fluid in my sinuses caused by the moon phase. My left side is worse than my right. I do find this happens around the full moon. I didn’t even realize that the moon was full! Tomorrow the moon will be completely full. I did notice also that this past week I have been incredibly moody, tired, irritable, and I can’t seem to get anything accomplished. However did write a new song about the moon! I live in a humid climate perhaps more moisture in my sinuses here. I don’t know. I just know it happens around the full moon!

  103. OK…FINALLY I find othersfor the past 20 yrs I have gotten these horific headaches that fell like my head is busting and the occiptal s behind my head swell. My Dr. said it si possible…but no cure. I have my cycle on the full moon cycle. NOTHING i do changes that even taking my pill different times of themonth. It ALWAYS falls back on the full moon cycle. So I live with it. This is the FIRST time I actually google it! I’m glad my mind is at peace. WELL NOT really cuz I feel lke my eyes are going to buldge out of my head and my neck will snap if I turn it and myhead is tight hot and throbbing. Other then that I have peace of mind.

  104. BTW Lori Jo – I too find that I am night person by nature, although my husband thinks I just don’t like to go to bed with him. Silly man ;)

    I too am a full moon migraine victim. Always (or so it seems to me) I will wake with a migraine on the morning of an upcoming full moon. I can take foods that are triggers out of my life. I can choose not to drink alcohol or do drugs to ensure I am not “asking” for an attack. So I do all these things and am still plagued with this debilitating condition. When the full moon comes, when my “aunt flo” shows up and when life stress goes above and beyond my usually calm and easy going demeanor I can assure you a migraine will come. In the case of my “aunt” and the full moon events I can predict when they are going to happen even if I wasn’t paying any attention.

    Now, I would like to throw my theory about why full moons affect us all so very much. I confess I did not read all four years of comments so it is possible I will be repeating someone else’s thoughts, if I do, here is my apology.

    Our body has a make up of 70% water (our brain “floats” in our skull) and water, as we all know, reacts to the pull of the moon as it wanes closer. Causing higher high tides, storms and more aggressive waves the full moon has long been thought as a trigger to living things as well. And why shouldn’t it be ? All life forms contain water. Water is changed by the state of the moon. Therefore my theory is that we too are “changed”. Those of us who suffer migraines are more likely to actually have a headache come on. But many people are effected in subtle ways they do not even notice (this would be a great thesis if I were going to college, imagine how insightful the study would be?) like being clumsy, having a short temper, feeling very exhausted and suffering more pain in places that have be culprits in the past.

    I do not know if anyone would read this, but if you do I would love the response and thoughts on my theory.
    ~Take care, prepare for the worst, hope for the best and keep yourself well to lessen the effects these full moons have~

  105. Sorry………not new news here. :) We have figured that one out, but so glad you did too. There really is something to that. LOTS OF WEIRD THINGS happen on or about full moons and NEW MOONS. :d:d

  106. Yes water is the key. When I have a migraine (always on a day or two leading up to full moon) even a few sips of water make my head throb. So what’s that telling me? Blood vessels swollen? Immediate message from stomach? Cant manage fluids? But what is the full moon doing to the fluids in my body?

  107. I had a very bad day on australia day this year, we own management rights on the gold coast qld australia, when my husband took my son home, i was in the office and someone raced in to tell me that someone on the 12th floor were throwing furniture over the balcony into the pool and some went into the river. I got so upset, I went upstairs, and knocked on the door, walked in, you could see how they were off there face on something, i asked them in a normal voice and tone, what and why are they doing what they are doing, they replied we haven’t done anything man, i walked out to the balcony, and one of them started to corner me out there, i was so frightened, then as i walked back in, one of the young girls just started to punch me in the face, she was a small girl, but she had alot of strengh behind her, then the one that had me bailed up on the balcony came in, then I felt ablow to my back, which set me flying across the room, landing sqeezed up against a lounge, the 4 of them 2 guys and 2 girls, plus there were 6 of there other girlfriends in the other room, when they started to kick into me and stomp on my head and face and body, i was trying to scream, and when i opened my eyes to try to see where i could try and pull myself free, i couldn’t see as there was so much blood running into my eyes, i can still feel there slimey sweaty feet stomping on me, it was so awful, i thought i was going to die they eventually knocked me out, i do not remember how i got back into the elevator, but apparently there was a guest staying with us, and he saw the whole thing,but told the police that when he was seeing how bad they were bashing into me, he just froze, and couldn’t help me, which upset me so much as we always go out of our way with customer service, and are known because of this, we had treated them so well, and yet he couldn’t come to help me, even by yelling at them or threatening them that he will run down and cal the police, the other thing they held the elevator so noone could get up to me, they could hear me screaming,when the police arrived i was laying in the foyer, blood all over me, my dress ripped, the ambulance took me to the hospital, my husband later told me that when we arrived and they saw how bad i was they just come straight over to me, to help me as they couldn’t believe how much they had done to me, there was a guy from the tv doing a story for today tonight, which we watch all the time, and he then just focused on me, that is why i was on the show, i have had to go to several different specialist, as i had stitches above my eye, they have damaged all my nerves around the eye and cheek and forehead and left side of the face, i also have trouble with my eye, i get severe headaches,and my neck really gets painful, and i feel like i have something in my eye all the time, plus i have nightmares, and wonder if they are going to come back, so it has affected my life, and especially my business as i can’t do anything, plus i was in a really bad accident in 96 a passenger, and have been getting rebuilt by a surgeon, for so many years now, and he had to operate and fix my neck i have to go back down there as i think they have re damaged what he has done, plus my back and pelvis has screws and plates in it,not my back , but iam waiting for him to be up to that part and all of this has upset all that, so on top of all the extreme pain that i already suffer from, i now have this to deal with, they are real low lifes, i also have to see a dentist, and the only thing that can help the severe nerve pain, is a tablet, as you can’t fix this sought of thing. I don’t want to have to take another tablet but iam unable not to. whatever you do, anybody that is reading this, although i phoned the police before and stressed several times about how seious this was, she just said that they will get here when they could, so i had to go up as a young woman and she is single with a baby owns that unit, and i couldn’t wait and let them do what they were doing with her unit, but now i don’t go any where near the units, my husband does, as my health can’t take anymore, i have trouble walking as it is and on top of this iam under a oncologist, as i havent been well, and all my lyphnodes are big in my groins, my blood id up and down, i get tired, i get this red blotchiness over me and the pain in my groins is terrible, and i have night sweats, and now under my arms are satring to get painful, so i have been through the wars and back, so please everyone, don’t appproach anyone especially on the time of a full moon, i have always believed that people act weird on that time, but if you also seen what was at the hospital, my husband told me they had to lock people in like padded sought of rooms, as they just go off there head at this time, my husband said some of the people were strictly off there heads screaming attacking the staff abusing the staff, it was unbelievable he said, so there is something that triggersthese people off, and the people who take drugs and things are even worse, so please be careful, and watch what you do all the time and especially in that time, as there are truley madman out there,as soon as i can iam going to look into it more, but at the moment i am just to sick, i ahve been trying to find the show that aired that night with me on it so i can see it as i wasn’t well and didn’t get to see it, a friend of mine told me that she found it , but i don’t know what to look under if you can help me this i would be so grateful, in the meantime i wish everyone a great day, and everyone good health,

    take care
    from glenda

  108. Nice to know im not the only one!

    For the last few years, every few weeks id get these excruciating heaches and feel really woozy. I went to the doctor not knowing what was wrong and he told me he wasnt sure what it was but to keep a journal of things around that time.. time of day, food etc. After a few months i realised it was always coinciding with the dates of the full moon. my doctor thinks its ridiculous, but i know its true.

    Needless to say i now pay close attention to calendars and always carry headache tablets!

    ps. i agree that we should make a sort of ‘werewolf related’ group. haha 🙂

  109. My daughter has severe headache, shown her to the best of doctors, say alopath, homeopaths etc. Got her MRI done twice but no respite. One of the doctors informed us it may be bc of moon phase and how true. Poor girl from the age of 5 she is suffering, now she is 14yrs.Must share, I learnt Reiki and that really helps. I am second degree reiki master so give her distance reiki even when she is in school or sleeping, she finds lot of relief. Moreover when she is near a room heater or her head is covered she gets lot of relief. Plese suggest any more remediesif some can share.

  110. I am 65 years old and have been obsessive about keeping a spreadsheet on my life habits and conditions to answer my life long migraines question. What I found for sure was the full moon was almost a 100% migraine producer. I can even tell you, even if it is 2PM when the moon is coming up over the horizon while siting in my house. I also found atmospheric pressure changes could affect me some. As well as some food triggers could affect me some. IE. Yellow cheese, chocolate, tomatoes. etc… BUT if I ate a food trigger on it’s own it wasn’t too bad, but still there. If I ate the food trigger on a day with atmospheric pressure change it was much worse and of course if that was in the full moon cycle it was a trip to the hospital for good drugs. To some up, the moon always gave me a bad one.. the other factors on their own weren’t too bad but still there but bundled up it would be much worse. Yes, let’s start a International Werewolf Club

  111. I have been plagued by migraines since having a head injury almost seven years ago. But this last week has been the worst. Meds and trigger food avoidance helped the first few days, but since March 18 nothing seems to help. I have long suspected moon cycles are at least a contributing factor, but never looked it up. This week given we happen to be having the phenomena known as Paragy, when the moon is as closest to the earth as it ever gets (March 19 being the apex with a full moon). Since it is coinciding with the longest lasting migraine I can remember, I finally googled it and lo and behold I am not alone. I would like to hear from others about their experience during this specific time period
    (March 17 – 21, 2011).
    By the way, we have also been having dramatic atmospheric weather changes due to storm systems moving in and out, another suspected contributing factor. Comments?

  112. CORRECTION: I misspelled the term for the “moon closest to the earth” phenomenon The correct term is:

    lunar perigee-syzygy

    Sorry about that! Anyway, I suspect there have been a lot of folks with their head under a pillow these past few days!

  113. wow…i didnt know that alot of peeps are like having this problem like i do..feel relief on that >:D
    well my head start to ache 3 years ago until now …
    and i didnt know what hits it..well before i was so fond of the moon specially when its full moon i always go at the rooftop of our house and lay down there like im having a full moon tan but now..it just give me headache..even right now i got a headache cuz its full moon..well i hope that theres like any information why this happened.. >:P

  114. 5 years worth of responses… wow! I do not normally suffer from migraines. I’ve only had a couple of those. I do, however, suffer from severe chronic pain from RSD – Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. I looked up full moon and pain and found this. Not surprisingly, it’s a full moon, and I have been extra miserable for half the day (evening/night.) After 14yrs of chronic pain, I have no trouble believing a full moon could have a strong affect. I am certain of the affect of barometric pressure, so why not the moon’s pull?

  115. This month’s MOONGRAINE started yesterday! Thank God I found this site! I  too suffer from horrible headaches and other symptoms described on here. Years ago I realized they were connected to the Full Moon and the New Moon. My brother aptly named them “MOONGRAINES”… As I have gotten older they have gotten worse and seem to last longer. I have found that a few days b4 the moon is full they start and build up and peak around the full moon and then it takes a few more days for them to ease off. The full moon one lasts at least 7-10 days and the new moon is is usually about 3-5 days. So at least half the month I am miserable. I have sought help from many different Dr.s Some of them have scoffed at me, some of them have been sympathetic and believed me saying they have other patients who experience the same thing. But none of them have been able to provide an effective treatment. It has been very frustrating and discouraging to deal with this over the years and though I am sorry that others are experiencing the same horrible symptoms every month, I am thrilled to find this site because it is a great relief to know I am not the only WEREWOLF MOONGRAINE LUNATIC out there!!!. . 

    I have found that if I can force myself to get up and walk around the yard for a few minutes I can feel a bit better, but then as the day wears on and the moon gets closer to view, the headache builds and gets worse at night and like many of you I don’t sleep well. I appreciate you sharing what has helped you.

    I am on different meds for high blood pressure and arthritis, but have found that Hyland’s homeopathic formulas called “CALM FORTE” and “NERVE TONIC”. and “INSOMNIA” do help with the anxiety and crazy feeling and help me to get to sleep. The Calm forte and nerve tonic are sold at WALMART and other stores. But the Insomnia I order online from Swanson’s vitamins.  
    I am also on RX Lyrica for nerve pain from arthritis, it helps me sleep, but lately I have realized that it makes me retain fluids and so I think at times ofmoon phases it is  counterproductive for me, b/c it makes the swelling in tissues and soreness worse.

    Ice seems to help me too. I keep some 1 liter plastic drink bottles filled with water in the freezor. If I apply them to my neck they fit the curve of neck very well. Also I apply them to forehead, temples and top of head. Also i found ice helps on the nerves that go from ear area to front of teeth. I use sugar-free popsicles or just plain ice cubes and apply them to the nerves in my mouth for as long as I can stand the cold and it seems to freeze them so they don’t feel the pain for awhile….

     The sugar cravings are extreme for me and if I give in and eat sugar and junk food I feel better briefly but after awhile I feel bad again.
    I am going to try the diclofenac and some herbal fluid pills to see if they help. Thanks for everyone sharing. May the Great Spirit continue to strengthen us and carry us through these difficult times!

  116. I agree with you guys today is 14 and the moon is full. My migraine is unbelievable. I wish if my Doc would believe it. I hate Doctors when they do not believe the patient.

  117. WEREWOLF MOONGRAINE LUNATIC, count me in, I too get the worst moongraines.
    With the ear ringing, a metalic tastes in the back of my throat, kaleidoscope eyes (tunnel vision, that is seeing auras, halos or rings around objects)and extreme sore breast(large = more fluids), oh ya, and my head feels like it’s going to rocket off of my shoulders.
    I’m bitchy, irritable, moody, grumpy, negative, weepy and angry, all of the 7 pms dwarfs. And this all starts 3 days before the full moon, yeah for me and too bad for anyone in the general area.
    I hide in my dark bedroom and no amount of yoga, exercise, Advils, water, ice packs can help. Even my 2 dogs know that there is something wrong and try to lick my head better….nice try girls but still doesn’t help.
    Yes you have guessed it, there is a full moon right now as I type through my squinting eyes, and this screen is very bright.
    My only positive thought is: the moon is starting on its wane and the tension is slowly leaving my shoulders. The pain in my right eye, base of the right side of my skull(behind the ear) and the top of my head will follow shortly.
    My negative thought is: I get to do this again on Aug. 13/11. FAIR WARNING EVERYONE.

  118. This past full moon was a first for me; I had a migraine and had to eat 4 Vicodine. Before, it was just feeling like I was manic or something; then came chest pains the few days preceding a full moon (I look at the calendar-yup, there it is, full moon coming)and last month I was getting the feelings of “rage”.
    I am starting with a new PCP on August 10th, and I am going to ask her to prescribe something for the migraines, because this past full moon was Hell! I hope she (who happens to be a Resident at the hospital) does not poo poo me. Would the webmaster here please try to forward me any sort of scientific information to show the young MD, so I can get the prescription? Thanks, Matthew, Worcester, MA.

    Ps so glad I am not the only one! Great site!

  119. I agree with all of you, i am the same, its going to be full moon this saturday at noon and i’ve been feeling down and low since that time yesterday, although the headache dont normally come till the friday and lasts 3 days. find that migraleave helps somewhat, you take pink ones first and if it dont go you take a yellow tablet, they are quite expensive and you may feel sick but its better than the pain in the head. Full moon is responsible for a lot of mood swings, particularly the few days before. I was feeling down so went on to check the moon calender to check if it was near full moon and got my answer :O then i googled to see if there were anymore sufferers and was pleasantly surprised to see i was not the only lunar affectee 🙂

  120. My head is friggin’ killing me; same thing happened last month on the day before the full moon. My new primary care Dr, who I met for the first time yesterday, thought I was a junkie looking for pills for the “predicted migraine”. Woke up this morning feeling like I drank a bottle of tequila last night. Can anyone please mail me information that would sway my new “resident” physician about the effects of the full moon on the human body and that I am not FOS? Thanks.

  121. Does anyone ever feel like they dont remember a night of a full moon? i tend to let my emotions run dry and not remember a single thing that ive said. I also tend to feel more “in tune” with people, i ate magic mushrooms on a full moon once upon a time and sort of got unexplainable feeling from people and when i asked they told me i was correct and were freaked at the thought of me knowing what they were feeling and more so at the peak of my trip. after that night on full moon i have gotten the emotions from peoples feelings but not the sence of “knowing”. kind of odd. also on full moons i tend to “rant” very logically, beyond my abilities. i have been told that i am very inspiring when i speak but when i snap out of it, or its passed full moon idont know what i have said to inspire those people. -iamamanicdepressive-

  122. Wow, I thought I might be crazy when I googled this, but then I find hundreds of people on one site who experience the same thing. I had one of my worst migraines today and come to find out it is the brightest, biggest moon of the year (harvest moon). A lightbulb went off in my head (literally and figuratively) and now I realize my migraine episodes tend to correlate better with moon cycles than any other “trigger” I have tried to track.

  123. I have long noticed a connection between the full moon and my headaches. I have discussed this with my OB, and family physician, and they both feel that there is no connection. I know it not by coincidence I get these headaches. I still get them even though I am post menapausal. Can you contact me with more information? Thanks

  124. I had the worst migraine in a decade this week… and I’m still feeling the post-migraine ache (what my mom accurately described as “like I’ve been kicked in the head by a mule”). I get migraines only a few times a year… but the worst ones are triggered by a combination of (1) PMS, (2) air pressure changes, and (3) full moon. Glad to see I’m not the only one to recognize this as a factor.

  125. I had THE worst migraine this morning and it lasted about 45 minutes. I read that there was a lunar eclipse this morning and guess what? It happened at exactly the same time my migraine woke me up. Now the migraine is back, but not as badly. So glad I found this site. now I know I’m not the only one!

  126. I always thought the fact that i only got my really bad migraines, about once a month. I think that last night was the night that I really thought about my migraines, last night it was a full moon… and a full moon only happens about once a month, the symptoms alway hit me the day/night of the full moon, and then are gone in about 1-2 days once the full moon is gone…

  127. The ionosphere is the outer most layer of the earth’s atmosphere, it’s stretched during times of a full moon by the moon and the sun like a gravitational pull between the two. It rings at the same frequency of the “alpha” wave which is a frequency wave of our brains. The pull pushes the ringing (wave vibration patterns) into the rest of the atmosphere between the ionosphere and the earth’s surface causing us to “hear” the ringing that sort of syncs up with our brains thus causing changes in mood and/or personality in some people; also possibly an excuse of coincidental migraines at this cycle every month. The effect this has on different people can range anywhere from none to immediately noticeable symptoms such as irritability, moodiness, anger or just becoming hyper. Some people even develop a change in speech.
    In more generality, everything in existence e.g. earth’s rotation, seasons, human body etc., all run on a pattern or rhythm and when this rhythm is disrupted or changed then so are we. This is why people are attracted to things like music as it is based on a rhythm just as well as our hearts beat on one.

  128. I have really bad mood swings just prior to full moon. Sometimes it seems as if I am on a self destructive mission. I can hurt those who care with vitriolic comments and have come close to losing my job over this.
    I have been like it for years and am now in my late 50’s

    Doctor says the moon and my moods are not connected….ho hum!

  129. Cordillia Bennet

    I’m happy to find out answers on this mystery head ache I always get on a full moon. At first i thought it was just being tired because I couldn’t sleep. It’s a full moon tonight I think because my head hurts really bad, but I’m not sure. Anywho I’m glad to know I’m not alone in this crazy situation 🙂

  130. It is 4 am and my head is about to explode. A couple of years back I discovered – and I have these last three nights to prove it! – it was because of the moon getting close to full. The ONLY medicine that does any good to me is Excedrin extra strenght… but since January 2012 this miracle pill was taken off the drug stores. Does any one know if they ever will bring it back?

  131. Ok we have just had a full moon and my partner was in a very angry mood, she is a depressive and takes medication and we do believe the full moon triggers the evil mood swings.. What can we do about?

  132. 15 years ago I lived with 2 girls who both kept diaries. At the end of the year, they both said to me that I was totally cranky a few days before the full moon. I have been checking this ever since and its always true. Normally I am totally normal nice guy but when that moon comes in; i go crazy. I almost at the point where I have to hide away because its so bad. (Uk based)

  133. my son-in-law is adhd and my granddaughter is autistic and both react to ‘full moon syndrome’. My son-in-law gets agitated for no reason, angry, mood swings, almost violent for one day before full moon and one to two days after. My granddaughter gets no sleep at all sometimes is awake for up to 48 hrs! She gets very moody and cries and gets into everything, won’t listen and will slam the bedroom door and stay in there for hours and she’s only 4 years old. I am a firm believer in the full moons affect!!

  134. Wow.. years after this blog was started and we still suffer. Just dawned on me tonight as I’m suffering with a headache and realized it was about a month ago that it was really bad also. Then I looked at how it was around the same time every month as I’m staring at the moon. It makes sense now. And as stated above, no amount of medication helps! Ugg!

  135. Cordillia Bennet

    I was doing fine for a few years since the last time I commented. Now the headaches are back, but this time I’m getting them a few days before the full moon! It’s so painful and no matter how many pills I take to stop it, it still hurts. I wish I could make it stop again 🙁

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