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Because my other URL wouldn’t fit in the dang tag board! LOL

At my other website – I offer templates for blogs. They aren’t pre-coded for Blogger or MT, though – – that is a paid service that I offer over there 🙂

You can take a looksee:

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7 thoughts on “For Fluffy”

  1. awwwwwww thanks missy!
    for some reason blogrolling has removed u from my list all by itself and it says its down for maintaince so i cant put u back yet LOL
    I will as soon as they sort themselve out tho!

  2. ooo fancy emailing me the code? im working on my first very own web template but i want to stop the words from scrolling completely over the top half of my background pic.

  3. You english type people crack me up with your cute words!

    Love it so much, I’m living with one!

    Hey Ma? I got myself a brit! Can I keep ‘im?


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