Flurry of Activity Over Here!


Busy day for us over here. It’s going to be a busy weekend as we upgrade our webserver. We’re installing Fantastico on the web server so that we can offer our hosting clients a lot more in terms of toys, bells and whistles. It’s a pretty…well….fantastic package.

The nice thing, that I’m looking forward to, is it has programs and scripts that enables me to finally put up a live help desk at our hosting site, which is awesome and will help with my time management. It also has a nice package to automat FAQ documents that I’m going to set up at the hosting site and at my design site.

All of this means a ton of re-writing some the pages with in those sites and re-writing packages for hosting, etc. What does it mean for our current hosting clients? Fantastico will be available to you, as well. We are in the process of figuring out which elements of Fantastico will be available for each of the different packages – – when we are finished processing all of that – – our current clients will recieve an email with that information…but probably not until the end of the weekend while we sit over here getting our shit together.

All in all, it’s going to rock!

Light blogging over the weekend while I work — but am available via email, of course!

4 thoughts on “Flurry of Activity Over Here!”

  1. WOW Lisa I know you take good care of people but I do have to ask…….is that link really correct……friends….love….romance and more……I knew you Rocked

  2. How funny is that? I put the wrong link in there by TOTAL mistake lol

    I’ve fixed it now. I mean, I’d love to offer clients romance and all that – – but I have my plate full already! LOL 😉

    Thanks for the heads up.

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