Florida Said . .


You poor Florida people. 🙁

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  1. Did Florida voluntarily move or did they get blown up there?
    I also feel for them – and I have many relatives in Pensacola.
    By the way Girl, nice site you have here.

  2. Sundance – they were probably blown up there and then voluntarily decided to stay! 🙂 I do feel for them quite a bit, I could not imagine!

    Thanks for the comment, muchly appreciated 🙂

  3. I think i’d prefer the hurricanes over the ice and snow….. Brrrr send me back… mind you think of the savings in Gas for all those snow birds that migrate down here each year to drive real slow and piss everyone off…..

  4. I’m with RedFred! Hurricanes are occasional things that last for a few days. Winter is for-freaking-ever.

    It’s true that FL may not get the full glory of a norther autumn, but we also miss that season called “Mud”.

    And I’ll keep our mosquitoes rather than your armor-piercing deer flies and black flies!

    Besides, you can’t catch tarpon, snook and redfish anywhere up that far north. And pike and walleyes aren’t sufficient substitutes.

    Give us back!

  5. Whoa, there! Nobody asked us Big Sky Bloggers about getting new neighbors! Why, there’s more people in Miami alone than there are in all of Montana — we don’t WANT that many people up here in the Northern Tier!

  6. Don’t worry if the people of Miami see a border just to the north of them they’ll be over it in a flash…..

    … did I say that out loud?

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