To get my panties in a bunch over other graphic designers using my image files to advertise their graphic prowess and ability without giving me credit, or asking if it’s ok, or not to get my panties in a bunch over it? Without mentioning names, because that’s really very uneccessary – – this person, whom I happen to think is a very nice person, has an image of my own creation as a large part of their layout. Credit is given to themself as the graphic designer – with a link back to their own graphic/blog design service.

Not really worth getting my Victoria’s Secret lace all in a bundle over, though. I’ve been a designer on the web for almost a decade and this happens on occassion…people just take your stuff and claim credit for it. There’s no easy way to protect it from happening, really. Oh, there are ways to make it a little difficult to do – but, after all, all graphic files are cached, anyways.

I’ve had people take entire design layouts off my blog skin site and claim them as their own creation – it’s truly amazing. I’ve had others take pieces and parts of graphics I’ve designed and called them their own. I’ve had people who even had the gall to hotlink the graphics directly off my server and STILL call them their own creation.

This time, it’s a web/graphic designer who takes other designers stuff – – incorporates it into their layout and calls it their own creation and design…then advertise themselves as a designer looking to make a few $$ off their designs…when, in reality, they really didn’t ‘design’ the whole thing, themselves….they did it with a little help from their graphic design peers at the site next door.

There was a time, back in the day, where I would get uptight over occurrances like these. It’s just not worth the hassle and worry anymore, I guess. I mean, I put it out there on the web – – some people would say that it’s just begging to be taken, hey?

Immitation is the sincerest form of flattery, as they say.

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15 thoughts on “Flattery”

  1. James – you’re probably right. I probably should be irked about it – – actually, I guess I am since I bothered to post about it here 🙂

    In regards to WordPress v. pMachine… I’ve never used pMachine so I can comment on it’s use-ability from an end users standpoint.

    I’ve only ever used MT and WordPress – – and I happen to think that WordPress is a more powerful application for blogging, if only for the speed.

    It zooms!

  2. Along the same lines, re: WordPress…Lori and Geoff pointed me to you for advice about MT/WordPress. I’m currently using Greymatter but it doesn’t have syndication capabilities built-in. Also I know that MT has add-ons like Blacklist for spam stomping. Does WordPress have this spam stomping and RSS feed/syndication stuff built-in or will those need to be tweaked with WP ?

    Thanks in advance!

  3. Skerdog – – yes on all counts. WP does have a spam blacklist and the RSS is built right in – – all you have to do is turn that option ‘on’ when you’re setting up your blog.

    WordPress also has a greymatter import feature that allows you to run a script that will import your greymatter export.

    I’d recommend WP to anyone.

  4. OOoh really? I hadn’t looked for that because I figured Greymatter was so rarely used that the bigger tools like MT and WP wouldn’t bother. I’m sold! I downloaded it Friday. Now I just need to set aside time this week to install it. 🙂 Thanks for the quick response!

  5. Hey dude. I can’t find your email address anywhere on your site. I’m looking for some guest bloggers for the week, people with good blogs worth promoting. Shoot me a note if you think you’re interested, would ya? Thanks.


  6. Would love to help you, Jason – right now I lack the time at the immediate moment. I’ll take a look when I get home.

    In terms of the ‘default’ username – did you try: admin ?

  7. Sigh… I should clarify. I couldn’t have posted at all if I had not remembered the default username. haha.. 😉

    Are you going to guest blog for Dean?

  8. Jason – oh, duh on me, then. I should have realized that, but I was in a rush out the door to work and I posted that reply on the fly.

    Hmm….reply on the fly. Cute.

    And yea – I’m going to start posting over at Deans place tomorrow, for 2 days, or so. How very nice that he asked – should be fun 🙂

  9. yep yep yep! 🙂 WP is sweeeeet (if a bit confusing after being used to Greymatter for 6 weeks). I’ll get it eventually!

    Thanks for pointing me in Lisa’s direction. 🙂

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