FireFox 1.5 Release


Must. Go. Download. Now. I don’t have to revisit all of the wonderful reasons to use Firefox over Internet Explorer. Been there a gazillion times – bought the t-shirt.

Technical note: Did you know if you use Google Desktop and Internet Explorer 6 you run the risk of exposing data on your own hard disk to a malicious website operator.

Solution: Use FireFox

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5 thoughts on “FireFox 1.5 Release”

  1. Firefox rocks. I’m sure Yuriy would agree, if he wasn’t such a slutty spammer. He must have satan living inside of him.


    I agree with Haximus, make that button higher, and bigger, and put it on every page on EW, too.


  2. Maybe the choice may be difficult for PC users.. but for me on MAC, Firefox is definitely the best browser. IE for Mac is SO SLOW it makes no sense to use it.

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