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Today wasn’t such a bad day to be thrown back into a work day after a long vacation. I thought it would be worse – but it was actually pretty easy. Woke up at 7 a.m. – got the kids off to school…made some coffee – – relaxed for a bit then got ready and left home about 8:30 and headed into the office until about 10 AM where I did absolutely nothing except talk about my vacation. Then headed up north to see my 5 patients – – of course each of them would be in some sort of crisis on my first day back, right? Yes – it’s Murphy’s Law isn’t it? However, it did make the day go by nice and quick – – plus I got a ton of kudos from the patient’s and families for making their day better by easing their crisis into nothing more than a memory. I was done up there around 2PM and made my way back home where I ran errands until 3:30 and went home. I’d call that a pretty nice day all in all. It wasn’t a day relaxing on the slopes, by far – but not the nightmare I was expecting – thankfully!

I’m looking forward to checking out the ski hills around here this weekend, hopefully. If not this weekend – then definitely next. I’m thinking maybe I shouldn’t have learned to ski on a beautiful mountain top because the ski hills around here are going to pale in comparison. We certainly have no mountains around here — only hills. I don’t know, it could be boring lol I’m already spoiled.

I inherited a new favorite alcoholic beverage on this trip. It’s very yummy and it’s called a Cosmopolitan. I’d heard of them and saw other people with them – but never tried one. Well, at one of the casinos in Tahoe – I decided to try one and am now hooked. So much so that I just had to go out and buy the fixings for it today so that I could make them at home. They are very yummy and I now have my sights set on this.

So much happened in the world while I was away on vacation. I purposefully tried to stay away from unpleasant things and just kick back and have fun. C. limited my cable news intake, I only allowed myself one phone call to work to get an update on things, and but for two times (because I was so exhausted I couldn’t move anything but my fingers) I stayed away and off of the computer. Weird how staying away from those things for just one week can make you so very out of touch with what’s going on in the world.

In short…..
I’m proud as hell of Collin Powell for keeping it real – – cooler heads will prevail.
I’m saddened over the Columbia explosion.
I support Dubya 100% in attempting to hold the UN to their word and making them prove to have the teeth they claim.
I think Michael Jackson is a freak and a pedo.
I think the Hollywood types should stick to making movies and cultivating stupid gossip to entertain the flighty.

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