Feet On The Ground


I’m home, finally. That flight was horrendous. Of course, every flight is horrendous to me being the nervous girl that I am with those tin flying machines. /shudder

I’m reading a fiction mystery that revolves around a sabatoged plane that ends up plummeting 33,000 feet at full speed and ends up in a 30 foot crater in Virginia. There was the tropical storm that I was (needlessly) worried about. The increased terror threat levels that didn’t even pertain to my travel plans. So, in summary:

A fictional book + a storm that wasn’t coming for 2 days + terror threats that had nothing to do with my travel plans = one totally irrational, nervous and crazed girl flying through the air for 2 hours.

I’m a headcase – I know it. But you all love me anyways, right?


Anyways – after weeding through a couple gazillion emails and dealing with those issues, I decided to pop in here and say HI! Plus – I have a RE: Blogs in mind that I’m going to get done before Rachel has a cow! 😉

It’s good to be back. Oh! Oh! It’s my LAST week at work – – are you going to throw me a party, or what?

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