It is the chain that breaks you, the pain that takes you
That which calls you unforgiven
and never truly forsakes you
That which makes you
That which casts you out into the dark,
telling you to make due
That which laughs at the chances you have
because you only take few
That which always stains your mind
Always making you run
or stay behind
Never intrigued
because it knows your design
It is that which kills you a hundred fold
Insuring you’ll one day die
safe and old.
It guts you out, leaving an empty shell
You call it peace
but there is none in hell.
It eats the heart
and spits out the hope
It knows you won’t climb, so it never cuts the rope
It is your shield,
your sin
your home
your prison;
the one song you sing
your one true religion
it speaks, you listen
it commands, you obey
Every time you give in
your soul decays.
It starves you of your courage
and makes you swallow your pride
You tell yourself its protecting you,
when its killing you inside.
It tells you avoid the challenge,
it takes whether or not you give
And though you walk among the living
You no longer know what it means to live.
So as you lay there, cradled in self pity
doing whatever to avoid the pain and strife
You will sleep with tears of regret in your eyes
Dreaming in sadness of when you once had a life.
And though you may not know its purpose,
You may not even know its name
in the end you know none of that matters
because it owns you, all the same

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