Fear of Flying


Chris is coming home from his biz trip tonight. Flying in from Atlanta.

I know I have blogged in the past about how much I truly hate it when he flies. It makes me sick to my stomach – and seeing as how I’m still fighting this flu bug that big me in the ass – – HARD – – him flying just adds insult to injury. I always think the worst. I imagine all of the possibilities. Then after he lands . . we joke around about how neurotic I am.

Ok – he jokes around about it. I just laugh along with him because it is sort of ridiculous.

My dad is going down to the airport to pick him up tonight – which I hate. I like to be there when he comes home. But this damn flu won’t let go. It got ahold of me but good!

He lands at 9:30 tonight (an hour and a half from now)

Anyone got valium?

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5 thoughts on “Fear of Flying”

  1. Your last line in the post made me smirk because I was just going to suggest you go to the doctor and get some sort of prescription. My friend HATES to fly and she finally went to the Doctor and got something (I forget what) but she says it has totally helped her to relax when she flies.

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