This is my brain on quiet

February 6, 2007 * 6 Comments

So, Chris is in Chicago, on business. My son is out with his friends and my daughter is out with her friends. The house is quiet, except for the low howl of the freezing cold wind outside. It is ridiculously cold here in Wisconsin – today was the second day in a row that they closed the schools because of the subzero temperatures. So, I decide to leave my office.. grab my laptop and head into my bedroom where we have a cozy sitting corner with and overstuffed sofa and chair, TV and, most importantly, a fireplace. I started a […]

Looking Backwards..just for a second

January 11, 2007 * 5 Comments

My son is starting a program at the local Technical College on Monday to get a jump start on completion of his high school diploma, so that he can finish high school a year early. I don’t know about you – – but I know I wasn’t that motivated to enter adulthood at that age. But he’s a different sort of individual, really – he just kind of blazes his own trail. Always has, even as a tot. In some ways, I’m very proud of that piece of him. In other ways, it has given me more migraine headaches than […]

Winter Fun

December 13, 2006 * 3 Comments

In the midst of all the hustle and bustle going on around here – we had a change to hit the slopes a few times in the past week… preparing for our big family ski vacation in Vermont, coming up in just a short week! Yay! Here’s a really BAD picture of my daughter, Melissa, and I getting off the ski lift – Chris took the shot with my Casio Exilim – – the lighting was bad and we were moving to fast for a good shot, but here it is: Here’s a few closeups of the kid and I […]

Families and Holidays

November 27, 2006 * 5 Comments

Hope everyone had a great turkey day! Here’s the best Thanksgiving post I found on blogs – – for whatever reason, it had me busting a gut. Of course, could be because it’s hubby’s blog and all.. I’m biased that way. Moo! (speaking of hubby and his blog.. this is off topic – but for you movie lovers out there, he did a great write up on one of my favorite movies right here. This is really an awesome flick!) So we spent Thanksgiving with my folks. It was uneventful.. which means it was nice, relaxing and not a whole […]

Some things just endure

November 20, 2006 * 6 Comments

Had to take Kid #1 to work tonight. Kid #2, my daughter, came along for the ride because I mentioned I was stopping at Pier 1 to browse.. she loves that store as much as I do. So, we drop him off at work… make a quick stop at Starbucks, which is totally mandantory, ya know? Starbucks it is… then we’re off to Pier 1. I have one of my favorite CD’s of ALL time (I have a lot of those) in the player and we’re jamming to great tunes. I’m feeling like I’m introducing my 15 year old daughter […]

Christmas in New York

November 1, 2006 * 3 Comments

For the past 2 years, we’ve spent Thanksgiving in New York with Chris’ family. This year, we’re spending Thanksgiving here with my family – and headed to New York for Christmas. Maybe we’ll even hang around for New Years in Times Square? That might be fun! We’re actually doing the Christmas in New York for a few different reasons. Most importantly, Chris hasn’t spent Christmas with his mother in about 6 years – so it’s time he spends that time with her. Second, the kids have off for 10 days (that includes weekends) and we’re using this time as an […]

Life Lessons – Working for a living

October 30, 2006 * 9 Comments

Well, Kid Number One finally did it. He’s employed! He got his first job last week and his first day was Saturday. It was really kind of strange, actually. Chris drove him to his place of employment – I rode along. After we dropped him off I looked at Chris and said “Hey – we just dropped Ben off…. at work. Heh.” I was all proud. And Ben was all like “Mom – it’s no big deal” *eye roll* I picked him up after his 4 hour shift and asked him how it was: “Mom – man! I STOOD on […]

Wikipedia and Homework Plagiarism

October 17, 2006 * 13 Comments

I feel bad. Bad mother… bad, bad mother.

My daughter is working on a history project called “The Chronical Project”. My son had to do it last year – see the post I did about his project here. To recap – the project is a chronicle of the years of her lifetime – so 1991 – 2006. During those years, she has to pick 12 historical events that happened in his lifetime, and 12 personal events…

As The Apple Falls

October 8, 2006 * 3 Comments

Recently, I’ve been getting some interesting IM’s from my daughter… “Mom, how do I link an image so that someone can click on it and go to a different page?” “Mom, can I get your upgraded version of Animation Shop?” And so on. Tonight, she came downstairs and asked me if I was working. I said , “Of course I’m working – what else do I do?” Heh. She asked if she could watch. I said yes – so she did. As she watched she asked all sorts of questions along the way about the process of design, and then […]

Raising Children

October 5, 2006 * 12 Comments

It’s strange, you know – kids. Parenting is not one of those types of jobs where you can just wake up in the morning and say “You know what? I quit!” Well, there are some parents (and I use that term loosely, in this reference) who have done just that sort of thing. But – it’s never occurred to me to just up and quit. It’s a life choice, you know? Even if having kids was not something you really planned on doing at the time – – when you make the choice to have them… you make a lifetime […]

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