Fall Report


15 balmy degrees on the slopes tonight – – it was invigorating! It was a very welcome diversion from everything else – – didn’t even think about work ONCE tonight 🙂

Here’s the fall report:

Melissa: 3 falls
Ben: 5 falls
Chris: 2 falls
Lisa: 0 falls

That’s right – I rawk!

While I was gone Leanne finished painting my kitties!! She’s shipping it out tomorrow and I just cannot wait to get it – – unwrap it . . . stare at it for about a week and then take it down to our local art gallery to get matted and framed.

She is such an amazing talent! You can view the finished product of my kitties here. She did that from a few photos I sent to her – – they look EXACTLY like my Talis and Meowface!

If you haven’t followed Leanne’s link from my blog before now – – you really should. Go over there and browse through her portfolio of work – – amazing! Just simple beautiful and stunning work! We are so very extremely pleased with it, that Chris has decided he is going to comission Leanne to paint Thor and Ozzie in April.

My mother is a painter. I showed her Leanne’s work – – she had two comments:

1.) Her work is absolutely beautiful! That painting will be lovely!!; and . . .
2.) I think a portrait of his cat and your cat together means you need to get married.

* shakingheadrollingeyes *

Please do pay Leanne a visit – let her know how truley awesome her work is over at Intricate Art. She is talented, patient, very very thorough and painstakingly detailed.

Now . . . off to find somewhere to warm up my frozen toes . . .

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8 thoughts on “Fall Report”

  1. Lisa- I new you were good, but no falls? Not even a trip over the old bindings?

    I may just have to commision a painting of mt kitties! Thanks for sharing that info.:smile:

  2. Thor and Ozzie – WHEEE!! You’re going to have to bring them over for a live session, ok? 😉

    Hey! You don’t need to have it matted or framed! It’s one of those new-wave contemporary canvases, super chunky with sides painted, it’s finished, wired & ready to hang girlfriend!!

    Thank you (and mom, and the kids) so much for the very kind words about my work, too. I’m excited for you to see it in person!

  3. Dang, I really need to go skiing again. I suck, but it’s still fun. mrs. knight, however, pretty much refuses to go out on the slopes. 😥

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