I am on Day 5 of my the Body-for-LIFE Challenge and I have to say, I haven’t felt THIS good, physically, in a long, long time. It’s a noticeable difference in my mood, energy level and overall outlook. Amazing how much those holiday rum balls can drag a person into a fullout sugar haze. I think the exercise combined with the good eats and daily supplements are better than a good sugar high any day. Yep, you heard me say it. I feel abfab!

I woke up this morning feeling like a million! I had my breakfast then hopped on the treadmill for 30 minutes and did roughly a mile or more – then hopped off the treadmill not feeling like it was kicking my ass for the first time this week. I feel ridiculously energized today – – to the point that I”m almost making myself gag!

Normally, I have a rule that I only weigh myself once a week – no more than that. Not that I’m against daily weighing . . but I feel like I get myself stuck in a rut of being obsessed with my poundage, and I discourage easily if I don’t see it falling off the way I think it should be. But, I felt so damn good today that I decided to step on the scale two days early. Much to my enjoyment, as I’ve dropped a full 3.5 lbs this week so far!

Ok – so I realize that most of that is water weight that’s to be expected when you suddenly start consuming in excess of 80 – 200 ounces of water per day, not to mention the other liquids I’m consuming, like protein shakes and protein juice. Even though it is water weight – I was still thrilled with it.

My one vice that I can’t seem to shake is my coffee. I drink lattes, not normal brewed coffee. That’s three shots of pure espresso in a mug of warm milk. Years ago, I used to drink it with whole milk. In 2004, during my huge diet efforts where I dropped a full 65lbs, I switched to 1% milk for my lattes. I had tried skim milk . . . but it just wasn’t doable! I’m very picky about my java . . and the skim milk just wasn’t cutting it. At least I was cutting out 1/2 the fat by switching to 1%, right?

This time around, I decided I would try the skim milk once again, just to see if I could stand it this time around. It was a total no go. But! This morning, I tried it with 1/2 skim and 1/2 1% and didn’t really notice a difference. Go figure.

I swear I’m not going to turn this boring blog of mine into yet a MORE boring blog by posting about my diet stuff all the time – – but this morning, I feel like a million – I couldn’t help but write about it!

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22 thoughts on “Fabulous!”

  1. Good for you….the receipe and food sound good. I read your resolutions too….I think they are all do able. Hope you get some time for yourself. happy new year. Michele sent me. lazy daisy

  2. Hi Charles – thanks for stopping by 🙂 If you happen to start making that evaluation – best of luck with it! Doing it is the easy part, once you get started. . . the hard part is getting yourself motivated – at least it was for me 😀

  3. vicki – there seems to be a lot of that going around after the holidays! I guess that’s not any different than any other year, eh?

    GOOD LUCK with your fit and healthy plan – – we need to compare notes and find out each others secrets one of these days 🙂

    Happy New Year back at ya!

  4. Sounds like you are on the right track for the new year! Congrats on the accomplishments on your weight loss :). I too am getting back into the exercise/diet routine. I have my treadmill all dusted off :”> and ready for me to get back on it LOL.

    Have a Happy New Year!


  5. Leigh – If your results aren’t inspiring, I don’t know what is! That’s tremendous and congratulations on your success with BFL! i’m hoping to have similar success with my challenge – wish me luck! 😀

  6. Hi Michelle – thanks for dropping by 🙂 If you’re anything like me, your treadmill has been a nice place to fold laundry and hang coats on! lol

    I recently dusted mine off, too and have been using regularly now.

    Good luck to your. Here’s to a thinner us in ’06!

  7. Ok, I’ve got to go read the link closer…I really need to do something to get into shape. Does it cost money? Yes, I know, I should go read some more!8-|

  8. Hey Tammy – actually the Body for LIFE challenge doesn’t cost anymore than you want to invest in it. They do have products that you can buy to help along the way (in terms of snacks, supplements, shakes, etc) – but you aren’t required to buy anything from them in order to enter or do the challenge. You can do it with your own exercise program, your own recipes and food and can enter the challenge without paying them one red cent.

    I do buy and use the supplement shakes because I like them, and with my busy lifestyle – it suits me to be able to consume a shake in the middle of the day for snack, rather than stop and prepare one.

  9. I heart my coffee. I heart my whole milk. And I hate exercise. Which is why I have a hard time losing any weight. Thankfully, I haven’t gained much weight…but every little pound is that much harder to take off when you’re lazy like me. 😉

  10. Wench – I heart ALL that stuff, too! My hips and ass really really heart that stuff lol

    I wish I were the type who could just consume that shit and not gain an inch!

  11. Congrats on the great start!! I did the Body For Life challenge a few years ago and dropped 20lbs of fat and gained 15 pounds of muscle. I think the part I like the most about the plan was the one free day you could eat whatever you wanted. I’m planning on starting next week myself. I have a medical procedure that has to be done on Friday first./:) Good Luck!!

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