E.Webscapes & Moxie Do Austin With a Pickle


What a Pickle!
Originally uploaded by LSRN94.

Really . . . who woulda thunk it??

This pickle was GREAT! We’re leaving the convention center – – destressing after our panel presentation and we come face to face with this pickle! The same though passes our minds – – we MUST be pictured with the pickle!

And so it was done. All hail the Podcast Pickle!

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8 thoughts on “E.Webscapes & Moxie Do Austin With a Pickle”

  1. there’s nothing like a good pickle shared between friends

    That’s an awfully BIG pickle. You’d HAVE to share! I don’t think one woman could take that herself.

    Why do I always get a dirty mind when I come here? You bring out the “naughty” in me, Lisa.

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