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Wednesday. Middle of the week. Almost done. Hey if it brings me one more day closer to my vacation in Lake Tahoe – I’m all for it!

That woman from the other Hospice agency is calling me again. She is very persistent. I had an interview scheduled with her just after the New Year – which I cancelled after giving it much thought. I called her and told her I wasn’t interested in making a change in my life right now and didn’t want to waste her time with the interview, knowing that I wasn’t really interested in moving from where I am at.

Well, a friend of mine also works with her. My friend gave me a call yesterday and started asking me questions about why I wasn’t interested, what were my biggest hesitations, etc. etc. So I told her – – then she started explaining why my hesitations should really be hesitations at all – – so I asked a question about the job and my friend said “You know what – I don’t know the answer to that question, but my boss, Pam does – so here, why don’t you talk to her?” and handed the phone over to Pam, the lady with whom I cancelled the original interview with. How rude. lol

So I met with Pam yesterday afternoon, after much coaxing by Pam and my friend, Julie. I figured that I would meet with Pam and then I would be able to look at Julie and say “Babe – sorry, but I gave Pam the time of day, listened to her schpeal – and I’m still not interested”. My meeting with Pam yesterday was nice – and they have a nice organization down there, but I still maintain that I’m not interested in a move. It’s just nice to have someone sitting across the table from you saying things like, “I have the ability to be creative and flexible here in order to get you what you want and need so that you feel comfortable in taking this position.” That feels nice to be wanted so much. lol

That can be a pretty heady feeling – – but at the end of the day, they aren’t offering me much more than what I have now. And when all is said and done – I am comfortable in the position I have at the moment – so why change things? I declined – hopefully for the final time, or else I’m going to have to change my phone number 🙂

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