Early morning


Yes, Jeanette – I didn’t sleep much last night at all. lol But I did get a WHOLE bunch of Benadryl induced naps in all day yesterday . . . so I guess I’m even with myself, maybe. I think it’s all finally out of my system. Hopefully, this mornings cup of coffee will set me straight!

Got some work done, though – – catching up on some skinnage for some clients – why not go over and give them a hollar and a welcome!

Dflwrd Sasha over at Flwrbabe Deconstructed, got her final skin today. She purchased two of them and gave some great ideas on what she wanted. For this one – she wanted Elsie the cow . . it seems she has a tattoo of Elsie and wanted a blog skin that reflected her love of things that go Moo.

Tim Erway Tim, over at Internet Marketing Ideas that Work, wanted a simple blog skin that matched his home page. He has some interesting content on his blog about marketing via the internet. He asks the question: “What If Everything You Were Ever Taught About Making Money On The Internet Was Just Plain Wrong?”

CreatingPlenty Julie, over at Creating Plenty, got her new Blogs About blog skinned with her logo that she provided. We turned that logo into a blog header and warmed the site up with the creme and rust colors that she wanted. Her tag line is “The Law of Attraction in Action”. Hmmm…sounds interesting!

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  1. You know, you should just work nights and forget the whole day regular schedule thing. What I mean is, you should just make it official since you do it anyways.


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