This week I. . .

July 18, 2008 * 4 Comments

It’s been a WEEK! I’m happy that it’s over and the weekend is finally here . . . seems like it took forever. This week I… …Finally have an answer after a somewhat worrisome week..and without too much detail, I’ll just say this: The pathology test, mammogram and ultrasound came back completely NORMAL. They didn’t show up with anything that is not supposed to be there. So, I guess you guys are stuck with me for awhile! …Flooded the kitchen and, subsequently, the garage that sits underneath it. What? Anyone could make the same mistake I did: I turned on […]

FreshBooks and Other Tools I Use

July 11, 2008 * 9 Comments

It was about a year ago that I started hearing about colleagues of mine using FreshBooks for their invoicing and time tracking needs. At the time, I wasn’t ready to move away from my tried and true practice of manual invoicing per project. Hey, I’m a creature of habit and it’s what I knew, and was comfortable with, at the time. I am an early adopter of some things…but not all. I started using FreshBooks a little over a month ago and I just can’t even begin to describe how excellent this service is and how much time it has […]

SmartLife – Decision Making Process on Outsourcing Design

July 3, 2008 * 7 Comments

One of our recent clients at E.Webscapes, Chris Cairns from SmartLife, recently wrote about his experience with outsourcing and documented his decision making process regarding who to outsource with. In his post, Automatically Make Money Online Through Monetized Blogging: A Guide To Outsourcing Your Professional Blog’s Design (Plus: Actual Statement Of Work For Your Reuse), Chris takes you through his entire SOW (Statement of Work) and the ratings system he used to narrow down which design company he ended up using for his WordPress design and development project. Obviously, I stated that he is a client of ours – that […]

Forgot to mention: Web414 June Meet Up

June 12, 2008 * 1 Comment

Tonight is my presentation at the Web414 June Meet Up – I blogged about it earlier this month. They had announced (and I had announced here on my own blog) that the Meet Up would be held at Bucketworks in Milwaukee. Since then, Southeastern Wisconsin has experienced some major storms and flooding and Bucketworks had their share of the flooding, so bad, that they had to shut down for business in order to repair. The Meet Up has been moved to: MSOE (Milwaukee School of Engineering) Rosenberg Hall 1235 N. Milwaukee St, room 201 It starts at 7pm and I […]

Optimism Tax Paid in Full

April 25, 2008 * 30 Comments

Earlier this year, I had a designer drop off the face of the earth. She is an extremely talented, and respected designer and I’m very sad to lose her. She worked with me at E.Webscapes for four years. During her time, her work was always stellar, customer service above par and work ethic beyond reproach. A few months ago, she just disappeared without a word. She didn’t just vanish – – she left, in her wake, seven projects in various stages of completion. Some almost completely done… some only halfway done…. some just started. Seven of them. One, I had […]

Open Call for Talented People

March 27, 2008 * 13 Comments

Building websites and WordPress blogs ain’t what it used to be, I’m telling ya! As development on several platforms expands and progress – our clients are seeing some great new uses of these platforms all over the place! Not everyone is happy with the typical blog framework anyore of content on the left, sidebar on the right with the usual Recent Posts, Categories, Archives, Blogroll…and navigation menu on the top. That is sooooo…. early 2000, isn’t it? We’re looking at a new generation of clients who are seeing phenomenal things happening in the areas of CMS developent and progress adn […]

New Talent at E.Webscapes

February 22, 2008 * 8 Comments

I’m very thrilled to report that the response to my job posting for a new designer at E.Webscapes recieved such a large response. The talent out there is inspiring and I had the opportunity to talk to several designers from diverse was really an interesting couple of weeks. Due to the large response, I had a very difficult time narrowing down the candidates.. but in the end, I brought on three excellent designers to the E.Webscapes team and I’m looking foward to working with each of them. At E.Webscapes, we are currently in the position of having way more […]


February 8, 2008 * 17 Comments

How many people truly mean it when they say they love their job? As a former employee, I can say I certainly know the feeling of waking up every morning and heading off to a job that I just did not like, but had to go to. I had many years of that and it really is very satisfying, now, to wake up in the morning to a job that I really enjoy. The past couple of months have been just a tad bit hairy. Business has picked up at an unimaginable rate – which is GOOD, don’t get me […]

Future of Web Design

November 4, 2007 * 1 Comment

I’ll be in attendance at the hottest design event this year – the Future of Web Design in New York November 7 & 8. I’m excited about attending the different workshops and presentations planned for those two days. I’m really looking forward to giving my inspiration a kick in the ass! Many have emailed to ask if I would be attending the upcoming Blog World Expo in Las Vegas, but unfortunately the two events are held at the same time and I couldn’t find a (reasonable) way to be in Vegas and NYC simultaneously! Boo! For those attending Blog World […]

5 Years, and counting

October 28, 2007 * 27 Comments

It’s all the rage in the blogosphere to celebrate Blogiversaries. What IS a blogiversary? It’s the anniversary of your blog, of course! Today is my 5th year blogging here at Five years – how old does that make me in blog years? To celebrate – I’m giving away 5 autographed copies of my soon-to-be-released book, WordPress For Dummies. One book for every year I’ve been blogging here. More about that later, though. Actually, I’ve been blogging on this domain much longer than that (more like 8 years), but my archives only go back to October 28, 2002. Why? Back […]

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