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DoveI was outside today .. doing some spring cleaning in the yard – getting it ready for its’ first mow of the year (it took me 3.5 hours to mow that yard today!). While walking around and making sure everything was out of the yard that could potentially break the mower blades (did that last year on a tree stump.. and learned my lesson!) – I came upon this little guy… he wasn’t even the least bit afraid of me.

We have doves all over the yard. It’s so neat to see the various pairs of doves hanging out – and I love the sounds that doves make.. it’s so peaceful.

I was once told that Dove’s mate only once in their lifetime – and if their mate dies, the surviving dove is destine to live out the rest of their life in solitude. I kinda thought that was romantic – and it added to the mystique and my love for the poor bird. Since then, however, I did find out that if their mate dies – they will eventually mate again… doesn’t make me love them any less. Don’t judge the dove.

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3 thoughts on “Dove Love”

  1. That’s a cool looking bird. I saw a white colored pigeon I wanted to take a picture of today, but my optical zoom on my digital camera isn’t as good as I’d like, so it got scared away. :d

  2. Hi there, was just doing a google search to find my own recent posts on wordpress…and saw my WordPress name, “Dovelove.” Ah, sweet pic, I love doves too. You’ve so lucky to have so many of the little sweeties living around you like that.

    “Don’t judge the dove.” Nice 🙂


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