Don't ya Hate it When . . .


You’re having a particularly cranky day. Every single thing is getting on your very last nerve. Not just getting on your last nerve….but hanging on that nerve, so as to cause further irritaiton. You try to keep a good face on for the people you love and care about in your life – – but inevitably, the person you love the most bears the brunt of it all.

He says, “Honey, let it out – tell me what’s bugging you.” – and that’s all it takes. It all comes rushing out like flood waters.

Every. Little. Thing. That’s. Hanging. On. That. Last. Nerve.

He laughs a little bit and says, “When are you due?”

I say, “What?!?”

“Your period, ” he says, “when is it due…this weekend?”

You rant! As if I can’t having a few things annoying me all at once without having to blame it on PMS. Don’t placate me. Don’t patronize me. Don’t write off my concerns to PMS, you rat bastard. My concerns and annoyances are valid, dammit!

Fast forward a few hours later. I get my period.

I hate that.

He’s right, though. I get like this every single time. You’d think I’d learn to pick up on those signs after they happen month after month, hey? That’s not to say that my annoyances aren’t valid – – just maybe, well – – I think tomorrow I’ll probably have a better perspective.

Bed time for bonzo.

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6 thoughts on “Don't ya Hate it When . . .”

  1. Damnit…. and here I thought “rat bastard” was MY LINE!!!

    Oh yeah.. PMS with my wife sucks the big one as well (with relish courtesy of Rizzo).

  2. I think we at times are too busy with everything that we percieve to be more important to put 2 and 2 together and come up with the PMS answer. Hmmm.. This reminds me of something I’ve been meaning to write for quite a while. What if PMS were not something to be dreaded and we embraced it in some way? *snaps back to reality* Yeah right. Obviously I need more sleep 😉

  3. so true. it’s so annoying when you feel you have a real reason to complain and it turns out that it’s all PMS. it helps a lot when you realize it ahead of time. oh sure, stuff still sucks and tears and anger are still quick to surface, but at least you can tell yourself “it’s PMS” without having someone else point it out (which is pretty infuriating).

  4. No matter if it is PMS it still really irritates us when men ask that no-no question. Oh and here is a funny quote… “Ever put your pad on adhesive side up? That’ll make you cranky!” –Roseanne Barr

  5. Please, ladies instead of complaining about being cranky, irritable and emotional when PMS hits talk a look at the issues you are feeling cranky, irritable and emotional about. Your hormonal and emotional state is your body’s way of telling you these issues really bother you – all month long not just during PMS times and unfortunately most write it off to other problems during the course of the month and never really think about the issues that are bothering them. I am 50+, have past menopause and it is true you look at life a bit differently. The road may be bumpy getting here but it is well worth the trip! Take the time to know and understand yourself you’ll benefit from that knowledge.

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