Doesn't everyone need one of these?


In the category of “You must really love coffee – or are really lazy” in relation to kitchen appliances – I bring you this.

Yes, Chris went out and bought one of them. The thing comes with an instructional video, for crying out loud! It’s an espresso maker – – but wait! There’s more!

It grinds your beans.
It tamps them down.
It brews the espresso.
It disposes of the grounds in a drawer.
You only need to empty the drawer every 12th time.


It warms your cup.
It brews a single or a double shot.
It steams your milk.
It holds a gallon of water.
It dispenses hot water for tea.
It will automatically descale itself – and warns you when it needs it.

I feel like I’m living in the land of the Jetson’s over here. I’m with Kate – because now if only someone can get me that spray on makeup that Jane Jetson used to use!

It’s not something I would’ve bought for myself, however – I do have to admit that it’s a funky little toy to have in the kitchen. And it makes some kick ass espresso, to boot! Chris is like that, though – he of the disposable income of which I cannot relate. He likes funky little gadgets . . things that whirr and vroom.

This one tops the cake, though.

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