Dial up is King!


This will probably be the one and only time that you’ll ever, ever hear me say this, however . . . .

Thank goodness for dial-up!

Please, don’t order a public flogging for my saying so (…or on second thought. . . ).

Why would I utter such obscenities?

Because tonight, while Chris was updating the banned IP’s in our web server’s firewall. . . the huge, long text file of IP addresses, somehow, included our own.

That’s right – we were locked out of our web server.

Normally? No big deal – – email the server admin for a quick fix, right? Except that we ARE the server admin! So how does one log back into a server to fix it when your fixed IP is banned?

Why – by dusting off Ye Ol’ Dial Up Account – that’s how!

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5 thoughts on “Dial up is King!”

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  3. wow.. thats a true bugger of a fuckup.. thank god for the dial up indeed.. when Sir blatted our main comp and reformatted the thing he reaslised he had lost one of the broadband install/driver cd’s. I was almost hopping mad! But INNER POISE prevailed.. and so did dial up. We got the stuff online (after hours of downloading argh) and have lived happily ever after since!

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