I was sleeping just fine. That is, until about 2:30 AM when C. woke up and decided a little piece of ass was in order. Two hours later, I’m wide-awake and he’s snoring the roof off. lol

Ah well…I needed to be up early this morning anyways – – it’s an on-call day and they start bright an early at 8 AM.

So I’m up doing some mindless surfing around the net and found out that I’m a Monkey. That is, if you’re into the whole horoscope thing. According the Chinese Astrology – being born in the year 1968, makes me a Monkey, apparently. Here’s what I found out about Monkeys:

Monkeys are fun and loving persons who are always cheerful and energetic. They are very clever. Give a monkey a boring book to read and he’ll turn it into a Musical. Better yet, he’ll invite everyone to see it free! That’s how talented, creative and generous monkeys usually are.

If you go to a party, you’ll find Monkeys at the center of attention. Their charm and humor is the key to their popularity. Sociable and diplomatic as they may appear, they can be deceptive sometimes – they hide their opinions of others beneath their friendliness. But they don’t hide their emotion. You can probably tell how a monkey is feeling from miles away – he wants everyone to know how happy or depressed he is.

Monkey people are very good at problem solving. Wherever you are, whoever you may be, if you’ve got a problem pick up the phone and dial-a-Monkey. Monkeys know how to listen closely and work out solutions at the same time. And because Monkeys’ curiosity, they usually have a great thirst for knowledge.

Still they have few scruples – they could be unreasonable sometimes, and they have the ability to persuade themselves and everyone around them to believe that they are doing the right things. Some say monkeys are self-centered, some say they are opportunistic, some say they are guileful, but monkeys couldn’t care less – because they are also indifferent.

The monkey has a good chance of becoming famous or well known. Whatever he does, his charm and luck will make him successful. As friends, Monkeys are both loyal and devoted, as lovers, they can be passionate and yet flighty – they can fall easily in love but will get tired of the relationship and look for another.

Hmm…self-centered, indifferent, unreasonable but loyal, devoted, passionate and clever. I guess – depending on the given day, I could be all of those things – – or none. I have been told that I appear to be indifferent…or aloof, quite often. I used to disagree strongly with that statement – – but have come to realize that it’s true.

Well, it’s mostly true. My intentions are not to be aloof – however, I do keep my feelings to myself, most of the time – – until motivated to share them. I’m not the type of person who wears her heart on her sleeve.

For instance – if I don’t like you…I may, or may not let you know about it. It all depends on the level of importance I place on it. If I don’t like you and happen to think that you are really quite insignificant in the grand scheme of my life — I probably won’t ever bother telling you that I don’t like you, or why — because it simply doesn’t matter. It’s a non-issue to me.

Similarly, if I love you – I may or may not let you know – – depending on how important I think it is for you to know.

So, I’ll have to disagree with the part of that Monkey description that states you’ll always know how the Monkey is feeling – because, with me, it’s not easy. Everyone from my family, friends, co-workers and even my boss tells me that they can never tell what I’m thinking, how I’m feeling or that it’s hard to gauge my reaction to things. I’m not a reactionary person – – I take things in, toss them around in my head for a good while and react to them calmly in a way that I feel is appropriate to the situation.

All of the sudden – I have a craving for a banana.

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