Designer Needed


12 thoughts on “Designer Needed”

  1. Lordy, girl! You know I’d hire you in a HEARTBEAT – – you have everything it takes.

    Umm…well….except for that lack of knowlege in blog coding thing that you need to work on!

    Work on it and end my misery! 😀

  2. B&J. Yeah, I was thinking Ben and Jerry too, not something where Lisa tries burning down the house… 😈

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  4. I am so happy that you are having “problems” like this Lisa! I am so excited for you and the growth of your business.:smile:(Did you think it would be like this?)

  5. Pam – in two words : No clue. lol

    When I left my job last summer – I stressed over whether I would have enough work just to keep little ol’ me busy.

    Say – – you don’t design, do you?


  6. If you seriously needed some one as good as best. Then please feel free to contacty me at my email address. I have more the 5 years of working exp. to offer you.

    Thanks…and God Bless you! All

    0091 788 222 2607

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